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Female Tattoo Artist Show

Earlier in September, we had a stand at The 4th Annual Female Tattoo Artist Show in Leamington Spa.

But we wanted to find out more about the need for an all-female tattoo show, and why it was first set up. So we spoke to one of the organisers at CBA Promotions to find out more, see how the show went for them and if any changes will be made to the convention in the future.

How long has the show been running for and who started it? This was our 4th year of running the show and it was started by Dave Boyle with a lot of help from his team at Creative Body Art in Coventry

Why have you chosen to create a female only convention? Honestly, we just wanted to put on a tattoo show and this was the only thing that had not been done in the UK before. The idea came from a show in the USA that has run for more than 20 years.

Is it at related to sexism in the workplace or the tattoo industry? Do you think it is harder for women to get noticed purely for their work? It is not related directly to sexism, however people would be stupid to think that it doesn’t exist. Even now, in our tattoo studio, we have guys come in and ask the female artists where the tattooist is. We were also told by a female artist one year she was denied applying to work a tattoo show “because they already had enough female tattooists on the list”.

I don’t think it’s harder for female artists to get noticed these days, the tattoo industry has come a very long way in recent years and there are now so many amazing tattooists both male and female. Most studios have a female artist – and so they should, I’ve always had female artists in my studio and long may that continue. I can remember when you could count on one hand how many female owned tattoo studios there were in the UK and now that has changed and it’s totally awesome.

Why was the judging done by three men when it is a female only convention? It wasn’t something we gave a great deal of thought to to be honest, in recent years we have had female judges, but like all tattoo shows we grab what judges we can as it’s not a job everyone wants to do, it usually depends who’s free and available at the time.

The entertainment was very similar to other conventions – dancing girls, pinups etc – why did you pick the same formula? The 1st Annual Female Tattoo Show had a very vintage feel. This theme came from the Art Deco and up-market venue, so the show was born from that. We are only a very small, one-day show and we put a lot of time and effort into the entertainment.

What are your plans for next year? Will you change anything? We are currently in the planing stage idea wise for next year’s show, I don’t think we will change much. We have a few things to address and we learn every year and listen to feedback. We make slight changes every year, for example we reduced the entrance fee this year and allowed children in for free, whereas previous shows have been 18 only. We are looking at reducing the cost of trade spaces too, especially for smaller independent traders.

Was the show a success for you? Any words for people wanting to attend next year? This year’s show for us was a huge success! The number of people who attended was up on last year and we had a huge waiting list of artists wanting to work. We also sold out of tattoo booths three months before the show. Anyone thinking about attending next year’s show definitely should as it’s a great day out. There is lots to do in the local area if people wanted to make a weekend of it, we have Shakespeare’s birthplace just up the road, Warwick and Kenilworth Castle and Coventry Cathedral are all great places to visit. Leamington Spa itself has some lovely shops, cafes and bars.

Photos from Things&Ink and Female Tattoo Show

The UK’s 4th Annual Female Tattoo Artist Show

The Female Tattoo Artist Show is a small and intimate convention packed with an array of different female artists and performers from across the UK. The event will be filled with live music, burlesque acts, fire shows and, of course, tattoos! This is the 4th year that the show has been held at The Assembly and we can’t wait!

We’re most looking forward to seeing Grace Neutral, cover star of Issue 6 The Modification Issue, Anna Garvey and Keely Rutherford. There are many more amazing artists who can add to your tattoo collection: see the full artist list here.

Come and visit us at the Things&Ink stand! See you all there!

The lowdown from Brighton Tattoo Convention 2014

So, we’ve just about recovered from Brighton Tattoo Convention. It was a hectic weekend of meeting people, selling magazines, talking tattoos and, for some of us, getting tattooed – and we loved every minute of it (there may have been a lot of Sailor Jerry cocktails involved too).

We met loads of incredible people, and we want to say a huge thanks to everyone who came to our stand and bought a magazine from us – new readers and old, it’s always a pleasure to meet you face to face and hear what you think about Things&Ink.

Mini convention video – Brighton Tattoo Convention 2014 from Alice Snape on Vimeo.

Here’s some pics from the convention…

Our beautiful stand, with features editor, Nicola Cook, stylist, Olivia Snape, and makeup artist Keely Reichardt…

Nicola, Olivia and keely reppin T&I The dream team reppin’ T&I


Team hearts Team hearts – music writer Jen, makeup artist Keely and editor Alice


Music Writer Jen getting tattooed by Luke Jinks Music Writer Jen getting tattooed by Luke Jinks


Luke Jinks tattooing Music Writer Jen Luke Jinks tattooing Music Writer Jen

Photos: Hustler Squad.


Satan by Luke Jinks Satan by Luke Jinks


Our stylist Olivia also got tattooed by Brad Stevens from New York Adorned.

Sunshine Tattoo Sunshine Tattoo by Brad Stevens


Cover star Grace Neutral and editor Alice Snape enjoying SJ cocktails Cover star Grace Neutral and editor Alice Snape enjoying SJ cocktails – things got messy


If you didn’t get a chance to come and see us, make sure you follow our FB page, and also on Instagram and Twitter, for news, photos and updates.

And you can order the latest issue (#6) The Modification Issue, starring Grace Neutral, from our website,

Goodbye for another year Brighton, we can't wait for next year already Goodbye for another year Brighton, we can’t wait for next year already


Brighton Tattoo Convention Fun

Yep, it’s almost here. Three days until the Brighton Tattoo Convention – plus it’s Valentine’s weekend, so we’re really feeling the love.


Venue details
The 7th Brighton Tattoo Convention
15th/16th February 2014
Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel

Opening times
11am-2am Saturday and Sunday
Plus there’s a pre-convention party from 8pm – 2am on Friday night… so hopefully see some of you at The Sailor Jerry bar, where they will be serving Sailor Jerry rum cocktails, including Hell Fires, Backyard Lemonades and Heavy Punch.

Here’s some photos of the fun from last year…

Rum Cocktails <3


And here’s makeup artist Keely and I on the stand last year… when we only had two issues of Things&Ink on sale, but at this year’s Brighton convention, we will be launching issue 6! Crazy, crazy… Come get your copy from our stand…


Things and Ink stand from last year Things and Ink stand from last year


See you at the bar? If not, make sure you take advantage of our sale, 25% of The Modification Issue and all subscriptions until Monday 17 February,, or from Newsstand.

The Modification Issue starring Grace Neutral is out now and we will celebrate in Brighton

Happy New Year to our amazing readers from the team at Things&Ink

The Things&Ink family would like to take this time to say thanks to all of our amazing readers for their support over the past year, we love you <3 Here’s to another amazing year of embracing female tattoo culture, 2014 is going to be good and we hope to meet as many of you as possible at conventions and other tattoo events.

Things and Ink happy new year

The Celebration Issue is out now,

London Tattoo Convention 2013 – best one yet

So last weekend was the ninth International London Tattoo Convention, at Tobacco Dock in London. And the Things&Ink team were lucky enough to have a stand there all weekend. We had the time of our lives and met so many likeminded people – it’s incredible meeting so many people who are as passionate about tattoos as we are.

The things and ink stand

We shared our stand with the awesome folk from Rude Cmpny. They make super-cool shades (check out a discount code in the art issue).

rude cmpny boys

We also met the lovely Ella Masters. She is the amazing illustrator who created this awesome picture of the editor – so cute.



Things and Ink stickers


We’re sad that the weekend is over, but it has made us feel very excited about the future of the magazine and we’re already thinking about Brighton Tattoo Convention next February. Hopefully we will see you all again then.

Photo of Rude boys by


Things&Ink at the London Tattoo Convention 2013

Wow, I can’t believe it has been one whole year since we last had a stand at the London Tattoo Convention. And at that point we were merely thrusting leaflets into people’s hands in the vain hope that they would take notice of a magazine that didn’t actually exist… well not in the beautiful way that it does now.

Four issues later, with four stunning covers, we are set to make a ripple at this year’s London Convention… And we hope to see as many of you there as possible to help us celebrate one whole year of Things&Ink – the magazine that celebrates tattoo culture with a feminine twist. We will have all four issues on sale – the launch, the face, the love and the art issue – and lots of the team will be there over the weekend, so please do come and say hello and let us know what you think of the magazine. The cover star of the art issue – Tracy D – will also be hanging out with us so come meet her, she might even sign your copy of the mag if you’re lucky.

Things and ink 1 2 3 and 4

Thanks for everyone who has supported us over the last year, it has been truly special. We will be in the Vaults, V61, check out the floorplan

Things and Ink stand London convention Things and Ink stand last year 2012

Some pics from the Great British Tattoo Show

Here is a small selection of photographs from the first ever Great British Tattoo Show.

Tattoo show t-shirt
A view from above

I discovered one talented new artist – Pedro Santos – and he had some amazing flash he tattooed at the show. Take a look at Pedro’s tumblr too.

Pedro Santos Tattoo Flash
Here is a very lucky lady being tattooed with the lady face from the flash sheet.
I also spotted this lovely perfume bottle in Pedro's portfolio - I would definitely like to add a perfume bottle to my 'vintage' arm...

And here is a quick snap of what I like to call my vintage arm at the show…

Vintage arm
My vintage ink

Photos: James, Papercut Pictures

The full album of photos from the show can be viewed on Facebook