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The Horror Issue starring Emily Alice Johnston

She’s recently moved to London to work at Into You, and now tattoo artist Emily Alice Johnston, 26, is star of The Horror Issue in a photoshoot that emulates the essence of one of her bad-ass babe drawings come to life… 

The Horror Issue Cover Emily Alice Johnston

Issue 12 of Things&Ink magazine features the full set of ‘Femme Fatale’ images and an interview with Emily about how she got into the tattoo world, her favourite horror films and how she felt about the photoshoot we created for her… order your copy now from our website:

PHOTOGRAPHY » PROKOPIOUSET AND PROP DESIGN » PANAGIOTIS POIMENIDIS | MAKE-UP » KEELY REICHARDT using Nars cosmetics | STYLING » LUKE ANDERSON  | HAIR AND WIG DESIGN » DORIS DESIGNS | CLOTHING » supplied by FLORENCE DRUART |  Swarovski X McQueen ‘Savage Beauty’ claw by Dennis Song | Shoes by Natacha Marro | JOROGUMO corset, Torture Garden Clothing

Front and back horror issue

Alzheimer’s: A tattoo to remember


58-year-old Rita Stonecipher has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, a disease which damages the brain leading to memory loss, difficulties with thinking, language and problem-solving. As Rita experienced gaps in her memories and trouble completing sentences she decided that it was time to immortalise her son, Tanner, with a portrait tattoo.

Tanner fought in Iraq and on returning home suffered post traumatic stress, he later committed suicide after running into trouble with the law and turning to alcohol for comfort. Rita hopes that the tattoo will keep the memory of her son alive long after she forgets his name

Watch the video below to hear Rita’s story:

Image from Times Free Press

Flavia Carvalho: Transforming Scars

Brazilian tattooist Flavia Carvalho has been tattooing women who have encountered domestic violence or have had mastectomies. The marks caused by abuse and cancer are there for life, even though the scars will fade, the memories will always be visible.


Flavia is transforming these scars into beautiful tattoos, for free, so that women can reclaim their bodies, find closure and love themselves again. Flavia’s project has been running for over two years , and is named “A Pele da Flor” which translates as The Skin of the Flower, taken from the Portuguese expression “A flor da pele” meaning deeper than skin. Flavia explains that “women are like flowers and deserve to have our skin protected and embellished.”


Speaking to the Huffington Post Flavia explains how the project started:

It all started about two years ago, when I worked with a client who wanted to cover a large scar on her abdomen. She told me that she was at a nightclub, and when she turned down a man who approached her, he stabbed her with an switchblade. When she saw the finished tattoo, she was extremely moved, and that deeply touched me. I was suddenly struck by the idea of providing free tattoos to women who were left with scars following domestic violence or mastectomies. Each tattoo would act as an instrument for empowerment and a self-esteem booster.



Images and quotes Huffington Post

Tattoo love story – The Wedding

Almost two years ago, we launched a competition to find the ultimate tattooed love story, we wanted to know if your relationship was linked by ink… (Original comp here.) The winners would receive wedding photography, by Eclection Photography, for their big day.

And the winners were Roxanne And Greg (read their story in this blog post with the other two finalists)… our Things & Ink Tattoo Love Story Wedding Competition Winners. And on Wednesday of this week, they made their commitments to each other in Ink, by getting their wedding fingers tattooed by Alexis Camburn at her studio  Two Snakes Tattoo in Hastings.


Greg and Roxanne designed the ring/tattoo together. The star and the moon simply symbolising that they are each other’s moon and stars. The four dots represent Roxanne, Greg and their two cats (cute!).  Who, btw, will be at the wedding… in the form of cardboard cut outs!

Roxanne was first in the chair and Greg joked: “at least I know the odds of you turning up are pretty high now.” Greg and Roxanne both had their wedding bands tattooed within 30 minutes.  Less time than your average wedding!


We are all very excited over here at Things &Ink HQ,  the wedding of Roxanne and Greg – the Things & Ink Tattoo Love Story Wedding Competition Winners.  They will tie the knot officially today (Friday 28 August) in East London…

Tattoo artist Alexis does lots of wedding band tattoos and people like the freedom to create what they like as opposed to being limited by what your can wear as a ring.  She has tattoeed couple’s  dates,  initials and also made wedding rings from simple bands to extensive patterns.


We will keep you all updated on the big day!



Miniature Ink II

Miniature Ink II kewpie by Jondix sneak peek


Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink magazine are delighted to announce Miniature Ink II, the second exhibition featuring miniature original artworks from over 100 of the world’s leading tattoo artists.

Join us for the opening reception on Wednesday 23rd September (exact location to be revealed soon) with complimentary drinks kindly provided by Sailor Jerry., or attend our Facebook event.

There will be no preview list of artworks, first come first served!


Have a look at last year’s celebrity and cocktail filled Miniature Ink opening night.

Keep an eye on the #MinitaureInk and #MiniatureInkII hashtags for more kewpie capers.

Check out what some of the artists have been up to on Instagram…






 Top image by James Stittle

Focus Group: Tattoo Spotting

Last night we had a focus group in London to find out what our readers love and don’t love about Things&Ink magazine. We met these three lovely ladies who shared their opinions about our articles, layout and, of course, tattoos! There are lots of exciting changes ahead for Things&Ink


Above from left: Columnist ReeRee Rockette, editor Alice Snape, editorial assistant Rosalie Woodward and our three panel members… 

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to street spot and chat tattoos to our panel members…

Name: Emma Age: 27 Lives: London  Job: Photograph researcher for Merlin
Tattoo: Skull by Ray Hunt at Diablo Tattoo in Kent



Name: Laura Age: 40 Lives: Maidstone, Kent  Job: Dinner lady/ toddler rugby coach
Tattoo: Abi Cornell at Inkfish in Maidstone


Name: Silvia Age: 24 Lives: London Job: Digital marketing executive
Tattoo: Lady by Angelique Houtkamp at Salon Serpent Tattoo in Amsterdam

If you have any suggestions or comments about the magazine get in touch, email us at

Dad gets cochlear implant tattoo to support daughter

Alistair Campbell, a father from New Zealand, has got a cochlear implant tattoo to support his hearing impaired daughter. His six-year-old daughter has two of the implants to help her hear, as she is profoundly deaf in one ear and has a condition which limits the amount of sound transmitted to her brain. Now her dad has one to match.

He had the tattoo to show his daughter that “he could go through a little bit of pain for her too.”

When Charlotte saw her dad’s version of a cochlear implant she giggled, touched it and told him it was “cool”. Charlotte’s mum, Anita Campbell, wasn’t so sure her daughter had quite grasped the significance of the tattoo yet.

Images and family quoted from NZ Herald

Feminism, periods and the London Marathon

“It’s a radical notion realising that on a marathon course you don’t have to worry about how you look for others.”

Feminist Kiran Gandhi, (she’s also drummer for MIA and a Harvard graduate), got her period on the eve of the London Marathon 2015, and decided to ditch the tampons and towels and go with the flow while she ran it.

A marathon in itself is a centuries old symbolic act. Why not use it as a means to draw light to my sisters who don’t have access to tampons and, despite cramping and pain, hide it away like it doesn’t exist?

Said Kiran about her decision to bleed freely during her marathon…



You can read Kiran’s blog post about the experience here: A Modern Period Piece by Kiran Gandhi… In it she describes the decision-making process behind running and bleeding freely, and how she felt from mile one to 26.2.

Celebrating Frida Kahlo at Haunted Tattoos, north London

Tattoo artist Araceli 4ever presents two tattoo flash days dedicated to Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, on Friday 7 August and Saturday 8 August 2015, at Haunted Tattoos in north London. To celebrate the life of Frida, Araceli will be tattooing Frida Kahlo designs all day on both days from 12 until 7pm.

Araceli 4ever as Frida Kahlo for Things&Ink magazine, issue 12 due out in September. Photographed by Lola Swan. Styled by Olivia Snape. Make-up by Keely Reichardt. Hair by Nuriye Sonmez. Photo edited by Riccardo Raspa. Earrings by Gypsy East. A selection of Frida designs by Araceli that will be available.

Two days dedicated to Frida Kahlo, with tattoos by Araceli 4ever

Where: Haunted Tattoos, 159 Holloway Road
N7 8LX London, United Kingdom

When: Friday 7 August and Saturday 8 August 2015, 12-7pm

Email for more information… tattoo designs will be available on a first come, first served basis and booking is not required… simply head to Haunted for a special Frida walk-in.

Frida Kahlo tattoo by Araceli

Liverpool’s First Tattoo Bar Opens

We’ve always been told that tattoos and alcohol don’t mix – and for very good reason…

For one thing, it thins your blood and can make tattooing pretty difficult and messy. Also have you seen the TV shows following drunk people getting tattooed in places like Magaluf, then waking up with their friend’s name or some other random tattoo, and regretting it? However, a new “tattoo bar” called Ink has just opened its doors in Liverpool, meaning you can mix cocktails with a new tattoo…

Ink is a brand new bar that has just opened in Liverpool. It offers not only an extensive cocktail menu, but also a chance to get tattooed on your night out. The bar will host an array of local tattooists in the ‘Tatts n Trims’ section, which will also home celebrity barber Cutthroatpete who can cut your hair for you. This means you can get a new tattoo or a haircut while sipping on a cocktail, genius idea? Or a recipe for disaster…

Check out the Ink Bar Facebook page, for photos from their launch weekend.

Would you get tattooed on a night out? Or have you already done it? We’d love to hear your stories!