Skullduggery Tatu

Skullduggery Tatu is a custom tattoo studio based in Belfast. Both artists take inspiration from American Traditional tattoos, folk art and illustration. The results are powerful bold lines with a beautifully balanced colour palette; really strong and traditional.


After extensive travel, Helen McDonnell opened the studio in 2000, with tattoo artist Jenna McAleese joining her in 2011. The shop not only houses two female artists but also lends itself to travelling guest artists. You can also get tattooed by Helen and Jenna at various tattoo conventions.

To see all their recent work follow the artists  and shop on Instagram

@skullduggery_tatu    @helenskullduggery and  @jennamcaleese

The shop acts as a gallery space showcasing the work of not only local artists but international ones too. Previous exhibitions have displayed beautiful embroidery pieces and large-scale wall paintings. Also live performances take place within the intimate tattoo space.


Dolly Donshey Monstruosité

Dolly Donshey creates spectacular hats inspired by the macabre, and as her new collection is modelled by tattooed women, we had to talk to her!

You can see her latest collection on the Nolcha Fashion week catwalk in New York. Nolcha Fashion Week takes place this September and showcases independent fashion designers to a global audience. Over the past five years the award-winning event has established itself as a platform of discovery, promoting innovative fashion designers.

Tell us a little bit about your brand Monstruosité, how did it form and how has it evolved?

I learned the art of hat making in 2010 by studying under Jan Wutowski, alumni of the Melbourne School of Millinery in Australia. After I returned from my training, I started my independent millinery brand, House of Donshey. After discovering my brand aesthetic and bringing on new team members, I re-branded and that’s where Monstruosité was brought to life. Monstruosité means “monstrosity” French, and I thought that really captured the essence of my line. Every human has a monstrosity within their lives and a deep story to tell, so the name was perfect for the dark feel of our brand.

What is Nolcha fashion week and how did you become involved? Have you showcased your designs there before?

This is our first time showcasing at Nolcha and we couldn’t be more excited. We were drawn to Nolcha because of their reputation as a leading platform for independent designers.

On your site you explain that your collections tell a story, what is the story of your current collection? 

Our Spring/Summer 15 collection is called “The Rise of Ostara.” Ostara, in the Pagan Religion, is the celebration of the Spring Equinox. Our collection is a journey from winter to spring that celebrates fertility and life. It is the “prettiest” collection we have ever done but also the most dramatic.

What draws you to tattoos?

I love tattoos because each one represents a part of someone’s history. Even if you got a tattoo one drunk night in Vegas, or you got a tattoo with your mother, both have importance and should be celebrated.

Why have you chosen to use tattooed models to wear your hats?

Since our brand deals so heavily with concepts and stories, tattoos are the perfect way to highlight this. When we shoot an editorial with a tattooed model, we are not only shooting the story of our work, but the model’s story silently on display as well.

Do you have any tattoos? Do they have specific meanings or are they purely aesthetic?

I have 6 tattoos, and they each have very important meaning. Most of them are in places no one can see like both upper thighs and my entire left side. I decided to place my tattoos in these obscure places because they were deeply personal and everyone’s favorite question when it comes to tattoos is, “Why did you get that?” I just hate having to explain my actions or my life story to total strangers.

To view Dolly’s stunning creations visit | @nolchafashionwk #nolcha

Comedic Tattoos

Would you get a tattoo just for comedy value? Is your desired outcome roaring laughter or do you wish your tattoos to be art.

Colin Bonsall had the slogan tattooed across his stomach with the sole aim of making his granddaughter Bethany giggle.

We watch them together and Bethany thinks they’re hilarious.   

Colin Bonsall, owner of the comparethemeerkat tattoo

Maybe I’m a mug but I find it funny. I’ll see how well this one goes down first though before I get another one.

 Colin Bonsall, tattooed Granddad 

I myself have a few comical tattoos, ones which signify my sense of humour as well as inside jokes but is having a more annoying than funny television advert a step too far?

My boyfriend and I got matching watermelon tattoos as a joke and a way to mark our five year anniversary. The tattoo makes our friends laugh and it also brings a smile to my face when I remember the story behind it.

Do you have the beholders of your tattoos in mind when you get inked or are your motives more selfish? Ultimately the question lies in what motivates you to get tattooed? How do you choose the subject of your tattoo?

Tattoos are another way for people to attempt to read someone’s personality. Should your sense of humour be on display without you opening your mouth and laughing


Images and quotes from
Watermelon tattoo by Sophie Adamson, The Projects, Plymouth.

RocknRoll Sex Toys

If you’re looking for a way to get your rock’n'roll rocks off, look no further than RocknRollSexToys. A totally female-owned and operated online business from Philadelphia will have you clinched in knee-buckling organisms quicker than you can say  ’Stairway to heaven’…

Rock’n'Roll has always been in our hearts and lives, we wanted to let it shine through into our business as well.

Kali and Lauren, owners of RocknRollSexToys

RocknRollSexToys is not just a company for those who enjoy an alternative lifestyle, RocknRoll courses through their veins (or those on their hulk dildo) but for the anyone who wants to have a good time and spice things up a bit.

 We believe that the adult industry and Rock’n'Roll go hand in hand, so we set out to create a single destination for people to experience all the things they love.

Kali and Lauren, owners of  RocknRollSexToys

Their products range from lubricants right through to ball gags, meaning that anyone can find what they are looking for to add a little variety for a happier sex life.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram (where they offer exclusive discounts and giveaways), Twitter and Facebook for exciting new products and to feed your kinky fix.


Highlights include:

The Screaming O Studio Collection Mascara Vibe perfect to discreetly hide in your handbag ready for when the office boredom becomes that little bit too much.

The Death by Orgasm Zombie vibrator has risen from its coffin with the sole intention of delivering sheet-clenching orgasms with its ultra-powerful vibrations. This zombie won’t be leaving the world of the living until you reach climax-heaven.

For the ultimate die-hard fan-girls out there Rock’n'Roll have a selection of hero-inspired sex toys including the lurid green Incredible Hulk Silicone Dong. When nothing but smashing orgasms will do!

Get yours at, plus they ship worldwide…

DIY Tattoo Parlour

No Class in Colorado is a DIY tattoo parlour run by skater Jesse Brocato. That’s right you tattoo yourself, in his living room. Every tattoo is free and its a unwritten rule that you have to be wasted.

The idea behind No Class is, why would you want a fancy tattoo when you could have a shitty ghetto tattoo?

Peter Garritano visited No Class, see his interview with Jesse and photos at

Would you tattoo yourself in some dude’s living room? Are they just a bunch of scratchers or do you like home made tattoos?



My Removal Diary. Part two.

Things and Ink music writer, Jen Adamson (@knifeintheheart), shares her tattoo removal experience. Part two, read part one here.

Jen feeling the nerves

Wayne started on the bottom half of my forearm this time. The colours we tackled were mainly black, reds and blues. This time round was much easier than the first. I was amazed that it wasn’t making me jump and I could take the laser for longer. Also the after effects did not hit my body hard at all. The healing process is turning out to be the most important. I kept my arm covered up with gauze and bandage for a week and kept it dry, with nothing but Vaseline to keep it moisturised. The colour has already faded remarkably.  Keep an eye on the blog for progress and a video coming soon.

My removal diary Straight after the treatment


Chatting to Wayne before she gets zapped

Unlock your phone with your tattoo

Watch this short video to see new technology that allows you to unlock your smart phone with a digital temporary tattoo.

The ‘tattoo’ stays on the wearer’s skin for five days once it has been stuck on. It has been created to work exclusively with Motorola’s Moto X Smartphone and is on sale in America for $10.

The What’s Underneath Project: Meredith Graves

This video of  Perfect Pussy‘s Meredith Graves forms part of StyleLikeU‘s ”What’s Underneath” project.

The project features a select group of individuals who remove their clothes to show that style is not the clothes you wear…

Meredith Graves

Quote after quote, we love this woman. How do you feel about your own tattooed body?

I have no idea where this guy got off thinking it was acceptable devoting one paragraph to my politics and three to my appearance.”

“My body is the only home I will ever have… Home is where love happens… Home is where you’re supposed to be comfortable.

Meredith Graves

Meredith Graves


Meredith Graves

Read more about the project at

Welcome to The Wildness – Incandescent Artistry

Interview with Stefania Crasta, owner of The Wildness Jewellery.

StefaniaHow did you get into jewellery making?
I have been into jewellery all my life, when I was a child I loved to adorn myself and make jewellery out of leaves and flowers. From childhood to teen and adult age, I believe that jewellery has always been present in different forms and shapes – decorating myself and my feelings. Like all the early passions in life, it developed into a way of being, into a research of the different techniques in the making and design process.

What inspires you?
The main inspiration for my designs is nature in its wildest principle.
Only nature contains perfect shapes, shades, scents and colours, emotions and sensations. It’s life and death, it’s unchangeable, but in some ways changing, it’s stable but alterable – an eternal contradiction. My love for poetry, philosophy and art transcends into each pattern of design and it reflects the sinister rebelliousness of my emotions.

Part of The Wildness Collection Part of The Wildness Collection


What draws you to jewellery?
Jewellery has marked a fundamental part in the history of designing in different eras and cultures. I believe that jewellery is an extension of beauty and the expression of its power.

Part of The Wildness Collection Part of The Wildness Collection


What is your favourite piece that you have created?
My favourite piece that I have created is the skull and butterfly ring part of ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’ jewellery collection inspired by Baudelaire’s poetry. It’s a skull ring blinded by a butterfly, it’s love and death… Another of my favourite pieces is also the Dante Alighieri ring – the author/genius behind the journey to hell (Divine Comedy).

Skull and butterfly ring Skull and butterfly ring


Dante Alighieri ring Dante Alighieri ring


Is your work inspired by tattoos?
My work is definitely inspired by art, and different combinations of art such as tattoos. I think that jewellery and tattoos follow a parallel meaning of expression in body adornment. It’s a very similar statement in my opinion. I love ornamental patterns, that are also used on tattoos and sometimes I incorporate them into my designs.

Stefania’s tattoos


Can you tell me about the tattoos on your body?
My back is fully tattooed with paisley, flowers and geometric ornaments. This back piece was done by Matt Black at Divine Canvas. My sides are a work in progress by Silvia Zed from Shall Adore, it’s a beautiful Victorian filigree pattern. I also have two symmetric tribal tattoos done a long time ago by Silvia Zed on my upper arm, old Love and Freedom scripts on my wrists and lines/rings around my ring fingers. My aim is to have most of the back of my body tattooed…

Stefania's back by Matt Black Stefania’s back by Matt Black


Who are your favourite tattoo artists?
I’m totally in love with Victorian filigree, (designs and shades) of ornaments done by Silvia Zed and also her black and grey roses designs, she is definitely one of my favourite tattooists and also a dear friend of mine. I also love the geometric work of Xed LeHead and the amazing fine work of Philip Milic.

By Silvia Zed By Silvia Zed


Part of Stefania's collection Part of Stefania’s collection


Do you think there is a relationship between tattoos and fashion?
Tattoos have became more and more common. I believe that, in our days, tattoos are one of the most popular forms of self expression and definitely related to the fashion world. The aim of fashion, in my opinion, has always been to create a form of statement and that’s exactly what tattoos are about. I think there has always been a strong link between art and fashion that in the modern society has finally extended into the world of tattoos and body modification.

What’s next for The Wildness?
I believe that the steady path between imagination and creation of The Wildness will evolve into many more creations. I’m also working on different collaborations with fashion designers. The ‘Next’ for the Wildness is to keep and progress with the wild pattern of designing and to adorn the best corners of the world with handmade creations…

Check Stefania’s full collection on The Wildness website,