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If you missed me on ArtBeat on Soho Radio with Holly and Orla from Atomica Gallery, have a listen on MixCloud. We chat about ‘Miniature Ink’ (our upcoming exhibition to celebrate Things&Ink‘s two year birthday), tattoos and art, the beautiful magazines covers and tattoo artists I recommend. Plus there is a competition at the end so listen out to win an Angelique Houtkamp print and a copy of Things&Ink.

Let me know what you think. Listen here.


LondonEdge: A commercial trade show, forging youth-market trends while pushing the boundaries for established sub-culture fashion.

7th-9th September

Business Design Centre, Islington, London. N1 0QH

LondonEdge launched in 2000 is one of the longest serving fashion trade shows around. They showcase the crème de le crème of creative and lifestyle orientated fashion collections, the most exciting ready-to-wear street fashion there is! Representing everyone from fresh young designers to established global brands. The trade show hosts over 250 lifestyle labels including Iron Fist, Alice Takes A Trip, Sourpuss Clothing, Hell Bunny and many more!

Lifestyle-driven and culture-led: they are The New Alternative

Renowned for bucking the trends, LondonEdge is a show that gives brands and designers a platform to showcase their collections to the people that matter.

At this September’s landmark 30th show LondonEdge are holding their first ever “Bloggers meet-up” where guests will be personally introduced to their favourite brands and receive an amazing goody bag from an array of exhibitors!

Don’t forget to register if you want to go to this year’s most exciting trade show!

Things&Ink will also be there on the Sunday, come and say hi to some of our team!

Home Sweet Home – an exhibition at Atomica Gallery

Atomica Gallery presents: ‘Home Sweet Home’ Joint solo exhibitions from Nicholas Stevenson and Angela Dalinger
14th August 2014 – 11th September 2014


 ‘Home Sweet Home’ is a joint exhibition of new paintings from Nicholas Stevenson (UK) and Angela Dalinger (Germany).

The exhibition explores domestic voyeurism as both a whimsical and worrying matter through a series of imaginary homes.

‘Home Sweet Home’ offers a snatched glimpse into a series of imaginary homes. In the exhibition both artists indulge in depicting domestic voyeurism which treads a thin line between the whimsical and the worrying. As we trespass through these residences, we are likely to encounter anything from illegal pets to resident ghosts, wizard’s gardens to troubling personal collections and questionable tastes in decor.

All work is available for sale. The exhibition ends on 11 September, so you still have a week to go see it at Atomica Gallery in Covent Garden, London.


Issue #8 The Illustration Issue cover star revealed – tattoo artist Danielle Rose

The Illustration Issue Danielle Rose cover


Issue #8 The Illustration Issue cover star revealed. 

Tattoo artist Danielle Rose is the face of The Illustration Issue of Things&Ink. Danielle Rose is renowned for her dark and weeping ladies. With a colour palette of black and two accent colours, her work is instantly recognisable and highly sought after by many tattoo collectors. For The Illustration Issue cover, we’ve created something truly unique and special. We did a photo shoot with Danielle, and she illustrated over the top of the images. Then we morphed them into one, turning Danielle into an abstract work of art. The artist has become one with her work, the illustrator has become the illustrated…

Order your copy online now, from Newsstand or our website. Free p&p in the UK.


Photography & artwork
Josh Brandão
Danielle Rose
Hair & Makeup
Keely Reichardt
using MAC Cosmetics
Olivia Snape
Assisted by Nicola Cook
BlitzWerk Studio


We love Sourpuss Housewares

Sourpuss based in New Jersey have a whole range of tattoo-inspired clothes, accessories and homewares on offer to decorate your life. They are an independent company with a hands-on attitude and they stock all the things that make them happy!

It was hard, but we’ve narrowed down our favourites from their wide range of super-cool items…


Flamingo salt and pepper shakers will add a pinch of  50s American Kitsch to any dining table, or they would look great on a shelf surrounded by fairy lights, aw.

Down the hatch me hearties! This mason jar tumbler is great for taking wherever you go.

Manatea tea ifnuser, this little guy hangs onto the edge of your mug, great for loose tea infusions.

What more could you wish for in life than a pillow in the shape of pizza? Lay your head on a slice of heaven after a pizza-fest…


We love the cheekiness of this Jackalope cotton ball holder, adding hilarity and cuteness to your dressing table.

Plus, they ship internationally, yay. Get shopping at

Mindful Wanderlust – The vegan travel diary

Our guest blogger is Giselle the creator of Mindful Wanderlust a travel blog about tattoos and following a vegan lifestyle. This is the first of many posts to appear on th-ink, telling of her and her husband Cody’s travelling tales.


 My name is Giselle, and I am a tattoo and travel addict. And an extreme animal lover.

I started travelling at the tender age of five, caravanning with my father and other family members to places like the Maritimes, Orlando Florida, Boston Massachusetts, and several different camp grounds throughout Canada.

When I was twelve my mom took me to Cuba; and by the time I was twenty, I had been to England, Venezuela, Peru, Egypt, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Mauritius, and Madagascar.

For me, the road is life.

I was fifteen when I received my first tattoo. It is now resting under a better thought out piece of work. When I first started getting tattooed, every piece had to mean something to me. Like so much in my life, that has changed. I view tattooing as an art form. It helps many people through difficult times, and that is a wonderful thing, but it can also be fun and spontaneous, which can then turn into a piece of meaning.

Prior to our nomadic lifestyle, I was quite happy tending bar at home, and doing make-up on the side, but the road was calling. I have always been pretty unconventional in thought, and so the next step was to live unconventionally.

Two and a half years ago, my husband Cody and I set off on an incredible round the world adventure. We saved our pennies, sold a lot of our belongings, put the rest in storage, started up a little website, and off we went.

Egypt, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Bhutan, Indonesia, England.

We loved Thailand so much that we ended up staying for eighteen months. Cody and I spent seven out of the eighteen months at Elephant Nature Park, an elephant sanctuary in the jungles of Northern Thailand. not only did we work with elephants, but several dogs as well. It was magic.

We can’t get enough of the lifestyle.

We are now in Saskatchewan, Canada visiting friends and family, and getting tattooed. This September we are heading to Cuba for the 9th time; and in January we are travelling to Japan for two weeks, and then back to Thailand for thirty days.

We have been tattooed in Nepal, Thailand, and of course Canada, and I look forward to getting something done by Ichibay when we are in Japan.

Our plans always involve travel, tattoos, and animals; and to us, that is our kind of freedom and happiness.

There’s no telling when or if we’ll ever get tired of gallivanting around the world, but either way, we’ll be covered in memories.

 Follow their  journey on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course their Blog!

A Vegan Art Collection

The Sheppard collection of vegan art both curated and collected by Robert Sheppard hopes to highlight and question our treatment of animals in  society, as well as celebrate the beauty of animals and nature.
We’ve picked a few of our favourites to share with you. To see even more animal art visit the full collection.

Buddha Dog- Karen Fiorito


Paula 5- Roland Straller

Kitten Nugget- Dana Ellyn

Philip Harris Illustration at the Boardmasters Festival

Philip Harris, a 27-year-old freelance illustrator from Devon UK, illustrated a surf board at the recent Boardmasters Festival in Cornwall. Phil normally uses finer liners, dip pens and inks to create intricate illustrations primarily inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian era. His work also usually incorporates animals and patterning elements, which he combines to create engaging pictorial narratives.

 I was invited to join a clothing company that I frequently work with called RSI apparel down on their stall at Boardmasters festival. Rob the owner of RSI suggested it could be cool for me to do some live drawing on the stall while he was running the shop, so I thought going with the Boardmaster theme why not draw onto a surfboard.

I think in total it took me about 20 hours working with permanent markers to finish the drawing.  It was mostly done for fun and to engage with the visitors who came by the shop at the festival. It was so awesome to chat to people who popped into the shop to watch the drawing and see what there thoughts were on the design. I would love to do more events like that.



Miniature Ink – A charity exhibition marking Things&Ink’s two year birthday

Atomica Gallery and Things&Ink magazine are delighted to announce Miniature Ink, an exhibition featuring miniature original artwork from over 100 of the world’s leading tattoo artists, opening 24th September 2014.
Celebrating both the second anniversary of Things&Ink and launch of ‘The Illustration Issue’, the exhibition is also being held to raise awareness for Sarcoma UK, with profits from sales being donated to the charity.


Opening on the eve of London Tattoo Convention 2014 and with tattoo culture very much in the zeitgeist, for Miniature Ink Things&Ink Editor Alice Snape has invited a huge variety of tattooers to contribute a postcard-sized artwork of a subject matter of their choice. Small but perfectly formed, each work is the same affordable price, providing an opportunity for all art lovers to own an original by some of the industry’s most sought-after names. Featuring a diverse array of styles, techniques and subject matter, Miniature Ink is a dynamic exhibition that showcases the very best in contemporary tattoo artistry.


Adam Sage // Ael Lim // Alessandro Jako // Alex Binnie // Alexandra Skarsgård // Alexandra Wilkey//Alexis Camburn // Amanda Abbott // Angelique Houtkamp // Anna Garvey // Antony Flemming // Araceli 4Ever//Aron John Dubois // Axa Shireen // Betty Rose // Bob Done // Brenden Jones // Brian Thomas Wilson//Bugs // Caleb Kilby // Cally-Jo // Cass Bramley // Charlotte Timmons // Cris Cleen // Curly Moore // Danielle Rose//Dominique Holmes // Drew Linden // Duncan X // Ebony Mellowship // Eddy-Lou // El Nigro // Emily Wood//Eva Huber // Fidjit // Flo Nuttall // Georgina Liliane // Gergely Kun // Gia Rose // Giovanni (Black Heart)//Grace Neutral // Hannah Keuls // Hannah Mosley // Harriet Hapgood // Abbie Williams // Iris Lys//Isobel Stevenson // Jack Thomas Newton // Jake Danielson // Jesse (Scratchline) // Jessica Mach//Jody Dawber // Judd Ripley // Juliette Mousseau // Keely Rutherford // Kelly McGrath // Kodie Smith//Lina Stigsson // Lorena Morato // Lucy O’Connel // Malvina (Scratchline) // Marija Ripley // Matt Black//Matthew Gordon // Matty D’Arienzo // Missy Rhysing // Mister Paterson // Naepier Tattoo // Nerida Nicolson//Nikole Lowe // Paul Davies // Pedro Santos // Peter Aurisch // Phil Kyle // Polly Sands // Rachel Baldwin//Rebecca Vincent // Robert William Ashby // Sadee Johnston // Sanya Youalli // Scott Move // Shannon Meow// Stephen Hutchison // Susanna Widmann // Tamara Lee // Tiny Miss Becca // Toby Gawler//Tom ‘Wookie’ Devine // Toni Moore // Tracy D // Uncle Allan // Virginia Elwood // Wendy Pham // Woody (James Woodford) // Zoe Binnie

 PLUS more artists to be announced…

Hope to see you there with complimentary drinks provided by Sailor Jerry and The Brooklyn Brewery. RSVP to

Art work by Angelique Houtkamp

When someone copies your tattoo

Recently I was alerted by my tattooist that one of my tattoos had been copied and inked onto someone else.

I know that with social media nothing is sacred. Yes, if I post pictures of all my tattoos, others will see the design and want it for themselves. But this shouldn’t stop tattooists from advertising their work and customers celebrating their new tattoo.

The copy on the left and my original on the right

It should be up to the tattooist to either out-right refuse to tattoo a direct copy or create a piece inspired by the said design. Then both people get a custom and unique tattoo. Tattooists must have some sort of responsibility to their clients and respect for other tattooists not to steal their work.

I suppose copying is the highest form of flattery and in some ways it is a compliment that someone liked the tattoo so much that they wanted it, but that doesn’t mean you should get it.

The tattoo in question is one of the few ones on my body that has a real significant meaning, it goes with one my boyfriend has to mark our five-year anniversary. I have a watermelon slice and he has a whole watermelon with a slice missing. Yes it’s silly but it means a lot to us.

This isn’t the only issue, the tattoo is badly done, and perhaps something that the wearer may come to regret.

Also what about the tattooists? Sophie who created the original has had her work stolen and the one who tattooed the copy is re-creating work that isn’t original. They aren’t creating a name or style of their own.

Nonethless I still love my tattoo just the same and I know that I have the original and the better tattoo.

I know for sure that I’m not the only one that this has happened to. Have you had a tattoo copied?

- DEFINITION OF FLASH- from Salon Serpent
“Flash is a number of designs, specifically made for tattoo purposes, placed together on a sheet of paper. Usually they are made in a set of multiple sheets. Meant to hang on the walls of tattoo shops, to be picked from by customers and tattooed. (not every painting by a tattoo-artist is flash and sometimes even unsuitable, because not specifically made to use as such) As with all (art)work, flash has copyright. Buying a set of flash gives you the right to use this flash for tattoos. It can, however, not be used for any other commercial or otherwise purposes then tattooing.”

Custom work is different, it is designed by the artist for that customer and should not be copied.