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Artistic Disney Princesses

Artist jirka väätäinen has created images of how Disney Princesses would look in real life. Of course they are a beautiful reflection of patriarchal ideals.

Innocent and curious Alice

Whimsical and delicate Snow White

Jasmine has a Kim Kardashian look about her

Youthful and alluring siren of the sea Ariel

Fiercely sexual Pochantantis

And then there’s Ursula in all her villainous glory


Chapman Brothers’ Tattoo Parlour

“There will be pain. Pain and blood.”

Jake and Dinos Chapman hope to raise £25,000 through Art Fund and their crowd-funding website Art Happens to open a tattoo art project at the Jerwood Gallery.

Those who donate can help bring the brothers back to their home town of Hastings, where their new art exhibition will be on display. Not only will the brother’s be painting over old junk shop finds, but they are encouraging the public to bring in art from their homes for the brothers to update with paint.

Jake and Dinos are also opening a pop-up tattoo parlour in the gallery, in which they will reward those who donated with specially-designed tattoos turning them into walking one-off pieces of art.

The original idea was to have Dinos tattooing in a wooden box, the victim – or lucky customer – would stick their arm through a hole in the box where it would be strapped down, totally hidden from site. Dinos would tattoo a design of his choosing onto their arm and on removal from the hole the recipient would see their new tattoo. Fortunately this idea was dismissed on health and safety grounds by Frieze Art Fair.

Chapman brothers tattoo design


Neither one of the brothers has any formal training and Jake’s forearm is covered with blue scribbles done by Dinos.

He isn’t very good, and he really dug in with the needle – it was very painful.

Will you be donating? Would you let someone tattoo a mystery design on your skin?




Chapman Brothers quoted from The Guardian
Images from The Guardian and www.blouinartinfo.com

Sailor Jerry sponsors The Things&Ink Identity exhibition

We are very pleased to announce that Sailor Jerry will be sponsoring the opening of IDENTITY – Portraits | Modification | Adornment – our exhibition at Into You London in May 2014.

Join and celebrate with us:
Thursday 22 May from 7pm
Into You, 144 St John St, London EC1V 4UA
RSVP here.

Sailor Jerry will be providing awesome cocktails including:
Jerry and Ginger Beer
Sailor Jerry and Coke
Jerry Mojito
Shave & a Haircut
Heavy Punch

Respect his legacy, drink responsibly.

What more could you ask for? Ink, art and booze. See you on Thursday…

Jerry and Ginger Beer


SJ Mojito Jerry Mojito


Shave & a Haircut


Heavy Punch


Cocktails recipes from Sailor Jerry coming soon. More information about the event here.

Tattooist and the Tattooed, An Exhibition in Paris

From the origins of body art 3,000 years ago to contemporary artwork, a new Paris exhibition from HEY magazine and tattoo artist Tin-Tin charts the history and significance of tattoos throughout civilization.

Tatoueurs Tatoues runs from 6 May 2014  until 18 October 2015 at the  Musée du Quai Branly37 Quai Branly, 75007 Paris.

The exhibition is curated by journalists Julien and Anne, and includes photographs, tools, skulls and pieces of tattooed human skin.

“Tattooing is part of the common heritage of most of humanity, we wanted to do this exhibition for a long time because we feel it’s important to show that tattooing has a real history and is a pure product of humanity. There’s not a place in the world where mankind has been that has not used tattooing … It’s both artisan and artistic. In the past there was a fear of tattoos and people would hide them. Today attitudes have changed. People used to do it because they wanted to identify themselves as different to make a statement, but today it’s become fashionable and the opposite holds true. People want to be different so they don’t want tattoos.” Julien.

The exhibition explores the art of tattooing from around the world and maps the tattoo revolution. From traditional styles and techniques to the more mainstream and trendy ideas of tattooing.

All images from Vogue Hommes International 



 17 APRIL – 18 MAY 2014

OPENING NIGHT: THURSDAY 17 APRIL 2014, 6-9pm. Beers supplied by Red Stripe. 

We’re so happy to have been a part of Atomica’s growth from the very beginning, from their pop up shop down Brick Lane to their brand new gallery space in Covent Garden.

Celebrating their one year anniversary Atomica Gallery presents a group exhibition of original artwork from exciting new contemporary artists. ‘Vision Quest’ opens on 17th April in Seven dials, Covent Garden.

The art exhibited in Atomica doesn’t need to be labelled to be appreciated . It’s the art that comes out of our culture: it’s the books you can’t put down, it’s the music that moves you, it’s the stuff you get up to with your friends, and it’s the flickering glow of half-remembered movies across your eyes. It’s the ink on your skin. It’s the weirdness that plays out in your dreams. It’s the art that you’d make if you had a paintbrush in your hand – and mad skills, of course.

The new exhibition is a visual delight of kaleidoscopic proportions, mind bending weirdness and femme fatales.

Full list of participating artists:


Just a small selection of the stunning artwork on display:

Christopher Conn Askew

Femke Hiemstra

Tom Bagshaw

Atomica Gallery, 29 Shorts Gardens, London WC2H 9AP

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 12pm-7pm
Saturday: 12pm-6pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Can’t wait to celebrate with you all, see you there!





Disney Tattoos; When You Wish Upon a Star

Disney tattoos are finding their place in the world of ink once again. I remember being a kid, and seeing the popularity of Winnie the Pooh tattoos amongst women my mum’s age, but now they’ve taken on a whole new level.

Maybe their popularity now is due to the young women that were once the target audience of films like Beauty and the Beast, and the Lion King when they were released, and now trying to re-capture the magic felt when we watched them for the first time. Don’t we all know the words to every Disney song ever?

People deal with their love for Disney in many ways – I have a cat named Marie, from the Aristocats, but others lay down their love in a more permanent fashion.

Artists like Beau, a relatively new tattoo artist based in Manchester are tattooing their own interpretations of Disney-love; from the tattooed Little Mermaid, to sleeves dedicated to Duchess. Most of Beau’s work seems to be taken directly from the animated films, which I feel is the best way to cement our disney love.

I asked Beau why she enjoys giving people Disney tattoos, she said, “why I do it…. I simply love Disney, always have, I collect alot of Disney memorabilia, and it’s probably the highlight of every kid’s childhood. No one ever gets bored of Disney. Other passion is tattoos obviously, so combining them both made sense. The girlier and fluffier the better!”

Other artists that are always creating Disney sketches and tattoos include Keely Rutherford, based out of East Side Tattoo in London. Like Beau and other artists who enjoy tattooing Disney, her emphasis is on the girly side of Disney, although she includes Donald and Daisy Duck in her work – characters that aren’t usually included in the girl category which is usually dominated by Disney Princesses, but their work all seems to include frills and lace and love hearts.

They add their own traditional tattoo spin on the classic Disney motif.  

My all-time favourite Disney tattoo has to be the sleeve created for (amazing) artist Jenna Yekic by Paul Marino. Although it isn’t yet finished, Paul has taken some of Jenna’s favourite Disney films and created the scenes in her skin. So far 101 Dalmatians, Bambi and Snow White are forever on her person!

Would you get a Disney Tattoo? What would you want?

Look out for a very special Disney-inspired tattoo in the 3rd issue of Things & Ink, released in May. 

Art Love – Terry Bradley.

Terry BradleyTerry Bradley was born in Belfast in the 60s. His Mother used to try and keep him from “Troubles” outside their front door.

Bradley’s escapism from a troubled Belfast came from reading Hergé’s Adventures of Tin Tin. His art is influenced by the black lines of the vivid illustrations in these tales. He often imagined travels and the exotic world beyond the realities of Belfast.  Bradley discovered that drawing calmed his nerves and he could lose himself in the complexities of observing people and then recreating them in his own way on paper.

Terry’s interests lie in both art and fashion. Ever an eye for the aesthetic Terry opened his own clothes shop in the trendy university area of the city. The shop was named Retro and soon became a leader in fashion for the clothes conscious of Belfast City.

Terry is a multi-talented man and his collaborative work means that his work goes beyond the painted canvas. Take a look at his projects here.

Here is a selection of his beautiful work.

Hope Angel
Hope Angel
Lady Luck
Lady Luck
Honour and Hope
Honour and Hope
Manhattan Showgirls
Manhattan Showgirls
Girl in Green
Girl in Green

All photos are taken from Terry’s website www.terrybradley.com


My tattoo crush.

Feature girl: Linda Collin

LindaLinda Collin, my new tattoo crush. Beautiful girl with beautiful art, she definitely feeds my tattoo imagination. Here is what inspires her.

“I don’t know why I got into tattoos, but I always wanted one. When I moved to London it was like starting a new chapter in my life, I thought that this is the perfect time to get a tattoo to represent my life, myself, and new beginnings in London.

Blood Brothers skull“This is when I got the Mexican sugar skull on my forearm. Like me at first glance, it looks scary and some people get a bit intimidated. When you have a second look you realise the girlyness and femininity, with pink bows and roses contrasting against the grey of the outline.. (tattoo: Blood Brothers)

“All my tattoos have special meaning; they represent a part of someone that has made a big impact on my life, like my sister and my grandfather. I think it’s important to have a meaning behind your tattoos as they are so personal.Tash and tears

“I don’t know what inspires me, I think it’s all in the moment and I see different things that I like and sometimes it’s just in my head, it can be hard when you don’t have a picture of what you want, but you just have to discuss your ideas with your tattooist and make it a joint collaboration

“I’m planning to get both my sleeves done by the end of next year. I sort of have all the details in my head, I want to continue with the old school theme on my left arm and then do Japanese art on the other one, and maybe my feet.. It’s such an addictive thing and you sort of get new ideas all the time. For me, my art is a work in progress.”

So guys, watch this space…I am intrigued to see where Linda’s tattoo journey takes her.

GypsyTattoo: New Wave







Linda's arm tattoos