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Mum banned from breastfeeding in Australia after she gets a tattoo

In a decision that has shocked breastfeeding supporters, a judge in Australia has banned a mother from breastfeeding her 11-month-old son because she got a tattoo. A court in Sydney has ruled that the woman’s decision to get it done has exposed her baby to harm.

The child’s dad raised concerns about the  tattoo in an ongoing parental dispute. The ban was ordered by the Federal Court in Australia despite the mother testing negative for hepatitis and Aids/HIV.

Judge Matthew Myers said there was “still an unacceptable risk” to the baby because the tests were inconclusive.

However breastfeeding supporters are shocked. “I think if it were reasonable then we would have very, many women in Australia who would be quite horrified and perhaps child protection authorities should be taking action because many mothers who are breastfeeding get tattoos – very often of their children’s names,” said Dr Karleen Gribble from the University of Western Sydney.

An appeal against the ruling is due to take place in a family court in Sydney on Friday.

What do you think? Have you breastfed and got tattooed?

Photo from rebelcircus.com

Yay Lauren Winzer’s got her things&ink

I absolutely loved featuring the work of Lauren Winzer in issue 2. And after weeks of waiting, she has finally received her copy of the magazine…yay. I am pleased to say she loves it and I really hope either I can go visit her soon in Australia or she comes to do a guest spot in the UK. Not only would I love to get tattooed by her, but I would love to do a bigger feature on her – I adore her style. She ROCKS, she is such a Things & Ink girl :)


Lauren Winzer in Things and Ink magazine Lauren Winzer in Things and Ink magazine



Check out her interview and work  in The Face Issue – get your copy here thingsandink.com

And this tattoo is just one of the reasons we love her. It’s Britney bitch.

It's Britney bitch