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SILKE London and Not Another Salon

World-renowned hair salon on London’s Brick Lane, Not Another Salon have been making the headlines recently for their award-winning techniques and innovative creations when it comes to hair dyeing. And what better way to keep your locks in good nick than with one of the beautifully crafted silk hair wraps from SILKE London?

HyperFocal: 0 SILKE founder Maria says, “We believe that the beauty of hair depends on its health.  It doesn’t matter how much you steam, style spritz and spray, there is nothing that beats having naturally strong, shiny and voluminous hair.  That’s why the foundation of SILKE products is to improve the architecture of your hair so it looks amazing, regardless of how you choose to style it.”

SILKE London hair wraps are designed to slip on before you go to sleep so that it protects hair from the tossing and turning that occurs throughout the night.  They can stop frizz, breakages and split ends, increase thickness and length and maintain your hairstyle for longer.  The hair is cocooned in the wrap enabling the natural oils to moisturise and nourish the hair from root to tip, and oil no longer being concentrated at the root which means less greasy hair days!


red-silke cream-silke







Combined with Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon’s next level colour skills and her focus on keeping hair healthy, these head wraps are a must for anyone wanting to take the plunge into fantasy follicles!

Silke hair wraps can be bought online at: http://www.silkelondon.com/

A World of Beauty – before and after

Different Nationalities Photoshop The Same Woman To Make Her “Beautiful”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and this photography project clearly proves that.

In a new photographic series, Journalist Esther Honig took a photograph of herself and sent it to 40 different people in 25 different countries. She asked them to make her unedited and make-up free face “beautiful” using Photoshop.

My objective since the beginning has been to examine how the standards of unobtainable beauty vary across cultures on a global level.

Take a look at the – sometimes terrifying – results… do you think she looks more beautiful in the “after” shots? It’s certainly an interesting project and the editors are clearly influenced by personal and not just cultural factors, as some editors from the same countries have produced drastically differing results.










What do you think? How does this make you reflect on your own standards of beauty?

Esther is quoted from uk.eonline.com and the images are from www.huhmagazine.co.uk