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The Face Issue cover shoot video by Papercut Pictures

Things and Ink Cover Shoot (Issue Two) from Papercut Pictures on Vimeo.

Music by Amanda Mair – ‘Sense’

Starring tattoo artist Cassandra Frances who works at End Times in Leeds.
Photographer: Sam Butt.
Make-up and hair: Keely Reichardt.
Retouching: Lydia Rayner

Buy the face issue here: thingsandink.com/buy free p&p in the UK and we ship worldwide.

things and ink cover shoot

Things&Ink issue 2 cover


Issue 2 – The Face Issue with Cassandra Frances. Things&Ink magazine

So it’s time to reveal all. Our issue 2 cover star is Cassandra Frances who works at End Times in Leeds. She is one of my faves, my sister and I got tattooed by her last year – blog post here.

Issue 2 things and ink COVER Issue 2 Things and Ink COVER starring Cassandra Frances


I first met Cassandra in 2012 and I instantly fell in love with her warm nature and dedicated work ethic. She put me at ease while she tattooed me, chatting about life, music and magazines. We were like old friends, talking away, of course the conversation always returning to ink.

When the decision was made to make issue 2 ‘The Face Issue’ I knew I wanted Cassie on the cover. With her fiery red hair and delicate porcelain skin, you almost don’t notice that she has facial tattoos. Her tattoos are so pretty and feminine and will certainly make people think twice about their preconceptions about women with facial tattoos. The image on the cover is powerful, beautiful and innocent. I really hope you like it. You can read a full interview with Cassandra in the magazine, find out about her tattoos and how she felt about being on the cover.

Order your copy now from Newsstand.

Photo: Samuel Butt
Make-up: Keely Reichardt
Retouching: Lydia Rayner

Some more girly art and tattoos from CFB Tattooist

As you all know I love the artwork of CFB Tattooist (aka Cassandra Frances) who works at End Times in Leeds.

My sister and I got tattooed by her (blog post here) and I have blogged about her on numerous occasions…but her artwork just keeps getting better. So I couldn’t resist doing a quick post with a couple of her recent painting and tattoos.

Cfb tattooist gypsy

CFB lady with book

CFB tattooist lady bum

CFB lady bird head

CFB hate hand

Photos all taken from Cassandra’s Facebook page

Celebrating sisterly love – sister tattoos

Last weekend my sister Olivia moved to Australia. Before she left, we decided to get matching sister tattoos, so that no matter how far we are apart, we will always have something to remind us of each other.

Alice and Olivia Snape
Shoreditch sisters - we were cool from a very young age. Always trend setting...

We chose a design that represents our home – a traditional English rose – and keeping in touch – an envelope. Our appointment was booked with Cassandra Frances for 14th February, not intentionally, but it seemed like the perfect way to spend Valentine’s day…

We travelled up to End Times in Leeds from our hometown in Leicestershire – and we took our dad along for the ride, too.

Pop reading the paper
Here he is chilling with a paper in the tattoo studio.

We both fell in love with the design as soon as we saw it.

Sister tattoo stencil
Sister tattoo stencil - incorporating the rose and the envelope idea.

Getting tattooed at End Times was a lovely experience and we spent the day chatting to Cassandra – who told us some very interesting tales about how she got into tattooing.

Olivia under the needle
Here is Olivia under the needle - she went first.

And here is the final ink. I am so glad we both have a permanent reminder of our sisterly love.

Sister tattoos - rose and envelope
Sister tattoos - rose and envelope
Sister rose and envelope tattoos
The final sister ink
Love you sis
Saying goodbye at the airport last Saturday...
Bye Bye mama
Bye bye mama - a quick pic of us kissing our mama at the airport.


I heart Cassandra Frances

I have blogged about Cassandra Frances before and Th’ink feature girl, Megan, has been tattooed by her.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to Leeds to get tattooed by her at End Times – very excited. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to spend Valentine’s day.

Here’s some of her drawings and rough work

Cfb Tattooist lady with cigarette

Cfb Tattooist teapot
Fancy a cuppa?

Cfb tattooist pocket watch

And here’s some of her beautiful tattoos

Animals by Cassandra

Perfume bottle by Cassandra
Pink vapour

Deer by Cassandra

Photos: facebook

Tattoo crush – Megan Smith


“Tattoos are personal in meaning, but still provide pleasure for others”

Name: Megan Smith,
Age: 23
Location: Sheffield
Occupation: Social Worker

Megan portrait

What got you into tattoos and what was your first tattoo? I think through college I thought a lot about my first tattoo, I was going to gigs and seeing people with sleeves and thought they looked amazing. When I moved to Sheffield, almost all of my friends had tattoos and it made me even more eager. My first tattoo was a horse shoe on my foot, it swelled up like a balloon and I couldn’t fit shoes on for days, but it was worth it.

Where did you get your tattoos done? Steve Byrne designed and tattooed my foot and my back when he was based in Leeds. Cassandra Frances (Cfb Tattooist), End Times Tattoo Studio in Leeds designed and tattooed my arm.

Megan's first tattoo
Megan's first tattoo by Steve Byrne


Russian doll by Cassandra Frances
Russian doll by Cassandra Frances

Are you planning any more tattoos? Not at the moment, I’m still too obsessed with my Russian doll, but I would love to have a tattoo of a women with amazing hair next… will leave it a year or two to figure out just what I want though.

Where did your inspiration come from? Well for my back, it was from looking at tattoos Steve had already done and picking out aspects that I liked, for example, he had done the falling heart-shaped petals on my friend.  For my others it was something significant to me that I wanted, I looked through the tattooists’ work to find parts I wanted to incorporate into the designs.

How would you describe your style? Traditional western style.

Is there anyone you would like to get tattooed by? I would like to go back to Cassie for another one.

Do you have a favourite tattoo? Definitely my arm, but I think thats just because it’s new.

Flowers by Steve Byrne
Flowers by Steve Byrne

Do your tattoos have meanings? Yeah definitely. For me it’s my life story and even something generic like flowers on my back is significant, as I can remember what was going on for me at the time I had it done. I like that the meaning is personal to me and nobody else has to understand what that is to enjoy them.

By Steve Byrne
By Steve Byrne