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Feminist Flash Day Sunday 31 May, start time 11am

Things&Ink and theFeminist Library present:

Sunday 31st May 2015
At: King of Hearts Tattoo Studio
137 New Cross Road, London SE14 5DJ

 Things&Ink magazine and the Feminist Library are delighted to announce Feminist Flash Day, a day celebrating feminism, females and tattoos. The day is being held to raise funds for the Feminist Library, with the aim to buy a new building to house their growing collection.

The day will bring together tattooists and enthusiasts alike to discuss the bonds between the female body, feminism and the empowerment and ownership that tattoos can afford women. The day will start with the opportunity to get a tattoo of feminist flash from one of three talented tattoo artists: Dexter Kay, Julia Seizure and Lou Hopper. This will be on a strictly first come first served basis, and all designs will be priced between £60-£100.

Feminist Flash by Julia Seizure Feminist Flash by Julia Seizure


This will be followed by a panel discussion comprised of some of the industry’s most knowledgeable individuals, including renowned tattoo artists Dominique Holmes and Claudia de Sabe, who curated the Time: tattoo art today exhibition at Somerset House, performers Maxi More and Ruby Jones, and feminist cultural critic Doctor Jane Elliott. The discussion will be lead by art historian Dr Matt Lodder and cult tattoo figure Blue from Into You in Farringdon.

Performer Ruby Jones will be part of the panel discussion on tattoos and the female body.


Dominique Holmes at work



Originally set up as an alternative to what founding editor Alice Snape felt was largely sexist tattoo media, Things&Ink magazine has worked hard to promote a variety of alternative lifestyle choices, by challenging beauty and body standards, and exploring themes such as sexuality, gender and feminism throughout its back catalogue.

Performer Maxi More will be part of the panel discussion which starts at 4.30pm.


As the Feminist Library has reached its 40th anniversary this year, this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate how far the library, and the feminist movement, has come as well as setting sights on securing its future.

The event will showcase the history, progression and future of women in both the feminist movement and the tattoo lifestyle, and it hopes to highlight topics such as the female body, ownership, notions of beauty, societal reactions and equality within both worlds.

Feminist Flash Day is also supported by award-winning Sacred Microdistillery. It is the first and smallest commercial distillery of its kind, and  the only one based in a residential house, in north London. Sacred Spiced English Vermouth, made with English wine from Three Choirs in Gloucestershire, and Sacred Rosehip Cup – the English alternative to Campari – all of which can be enjoyed together in a Sacred Negroni, served from 3pm before the panel discussion.

 For more information email hello@thingsandink.com, or head over to the Things&Ink social media pages, @thingsandink | facebook.com/thingsandink. 


Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day.

As a celebration, we’re sharing our recreation from the first ever issue of Things&Ink magazine. Two strong women from the past and the present.

Tattoo artist Claudia de Sabe as circus attraction Artoria Gibbons – The Tattooed Girl…


Claudia-Artoria Claudia-Artoria

Things&Ink – the love

The launch issue is filled with everything I love from the tattoo world.

Wow, it has been amazing hearing the feedback from all the lovely readers who have bought the launch issue of Things&Ink. I am so happy that so many people seem to relate to the content and really believe in the idea. It has been a dream of mine to create a female-friendly tattoo magazine that is printed beautifully and perfect bound and now that dream has finally come true. It’s encouraging to hear that a lot of other people have been waiting for a magazine like this too.

Here is the contents page of the first ever issue of Things&Ink…(click to enlarge). It is filled with all the things I love about the tattoo world – inspiration, history, art and stories – it even has a really lovely toilet seat, thanks to Claire from The World of Kitsch who has compiled a lovely homewares section full of tattoo-inspired kit.

Send me your pics of you reading your copy of the launch issue, so I can add it to the Things&Ink ‘On the move’ album on Facebook.

cover things and ink

Read all about how Claudia De Sabe felt about being on the cover and recreating the photo of Artoria Gibbons, who was a heavily-tattooed circus lady in the 1920s.

To help me recreate the cover I enlisted the help of my fellow Wonderful Women. Wonderful women is a business networking group for freelancers and women who own their own businesses. Miss Honey Bare did the make-up for cover star Claudia De Sabe, and Lucie Luella of Rockalily Cuts styled her hair. The dress was made by Rosie at Nightfeather Designs, the headdress was made by Ellen of B Millinery. The shot was taken by Kristy Noble. Design by Oliver Campbell and Antonella Bordone.

You can view the latest news about Things&Ink on Twitter and Facebook. You can buy this launch issue from Newsstand.

Behind the scenes at Things&Ink magazine

Things and Ink logo

Embracing female tattoo culture

Here is some behind-the-scenes footage from the launch issue Cover Shoot, with the Things&Ink team and cover star Claudia De Sabe – from Papercut Pictures on Vimeo.

I unveiled the first ever Things&Ink cover on my blog back in September. And wow, what a journey it has been since then. With the help of some very talented people, Things&Ink has turned into a proper, glossy magazine – a very beautiful one at that – and is now available to order.

Things&Ink is 92 pages of all the things I love about the tattoo world. Beautiful images, real-life stories, girly tattoos, opinions, jewellery, inspiration, art, artists, history and more…

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me and to all those who have ordered the launch issue. I can’t wait for you all to see it and I promise I will keep you updated on its journey to you…

thanks from Things and Ink


To order the launch issue, visit thingsandink.com/buy



Things and Ink – the launch issue cover

Claudia de Sabe as Artoria Gibbons

Things and Ink Claudia De Sabe cover Launch Issue – Claudia De Sabe as Artoria Gibbons


Making the cover.
The cover for the launch issue of Things and Ink encapsulates everything that the magazine stands for. Things and Ink is a magazine that celebrates female tattoo culture, both current and historical. And female tattoo artist of the moment, Claudia De Sabe, is posing as Artoria Gibbons, one of the original tattooed ladies.

Artoria Gibbons

Artoria the tattooed girl worked in circus side shows in the 1920s.

Let the Things and Ink family know what you think of the cover by tweeting @thingsandink or commenting on Facebook.

Photographer: Kristy Nobel
Makeup: Miss Honey Bare
Hair: Lucie Luella
Dress: Night Feather Headdress: B Millinery
Design: Oliver Campbell and Antonella Bordone
Behind the scenes footage coming soon from Papercut Pictures



My beautiful lamp tattoo, by Claudia De Sabe

Alice Th'ink
Alice Th'ink and the final ink

I fell in the love with the work of Claudia De Sabe at my first tattoo convention in Brighton. I have wanted to get tattooed by her ever since. I managed to get on her waiting list at the Jolie Rouge, London, last year and I had a consultation with her at the end of last year. My one inspiration: a lamp.

This is all I told her at my consultation and, of course, where I would like it positioned –the inner top of my left arm.

After my consultation, an appointment was booked for 10 January 2012. And I didn’t see the beautiful drawing until then – the grand unveiling of my beautiful vintage-inspired lamp.

lamp stencil
The lamp stencil

The amazing thing about this design is it captures both of Claudia’s styles in one tattoo. The beautifully intricate and vintage nature of the shade, then the Japanese-inspired base. It’s just perfect and I loved the stencil instantly.

Claudia was also so lovely when she was tattooing me, so friendly and concerned about how comfortable I was. It was actually a really lovely experience.

I decided to let Claudia pick the colours, too. I hadn’t quite decided. And I am so glad I left it to her because I couldn’t be happier with the finished tattoo…

Claudia De Sabe lamp tattoo
My beautiful lamp tattoo
after tattoo joy
Post-tattoo euphoria (and maybe a little tipsy)
Showing off my new tattoo at the London Tattoo Convention (shortly before this photo my tattoo was spotted to be featured in Bizarre magazine!)
Showing off my new tattoo at the London Tattoo Convention (shortly before this photo my tattoo was spotted to be featured in Bizarre magazine!)

I love you Claudia!

Alice Th’ink


Tattoo crush – Claudia De Sabe

I first fell in love with the work of Claudia De Sabe at the Brighton Tattoo Convention in 2009. So, imagine my excitement when my phone starts ringing and the number that’s flashing before my eyes, is the JOLIE ROUGE (the shop where Claudia works her magic). I have managed to get myself a consultation for next week, ridiculous excitement.

Claudia de Sabe
Claudia de Sabe
Padlock tattoo
Padlock tattoo from Claudia's portfolio
Lamp tattoo
Lamp tattoo (inspiration for my own tattoos)
Lady Claudia
Claudia has created some beautiful tattoos of ladies

Claudia chest piece

Photos: Louise Hobin, Papercut Pictures and photos from Claudia’s portfolio.

Behind the Needle – Part 2 of London Tattoo Convention film series

“When I was a kid I saw a guy in McDonalds that was covered in tattoos and I thought it looked tough” Chad Koeplinger.

This film (exclusively for Zeitgeist magazine, with Papercut Pictures) moves on from the convention, as each of the artists delves deeper into their personal motivations for becoming a tattoo artist, their distinctive style of tattooing, their heroes, inspiration and who they like to get tattooed by.

This film features Chad Koeplinger of Paradise Tattoo, Washington DC;  Michelle Myles of Daredevil Tattoo, New York City; Uncle Allan of Conspiracy Inc., Copenhagen and Claudia De Sabe of Jolie Rouge, London.

Chad always wanted to travel and tattooing definitely seemed like a more viable way to do this than the merchant marines. His style is strongly rooted in Western traditional, but his experimentation in a variety of styles has allowed him to thrive as an artist.

From her underground origins in New York City, Michelle began her career when tattooing was illegal. She talks about her journey and the changes in her style and technique since its legalisation in 1997.

Uncle Allan’s love for tattooing derived from his passion for music and this is illustrated in his distinctive artistic style. His theme for the convention was ‘metal and satanic stuff’, see the first film in the series for his burning bible tattoo.

Claudia was encouraged to get into tattooing by her friends who hung out in tattoos shops, they could see her raw talent as an artist. She has two very distinctive styles of tattooing and in this film she talks about her love of both styles and how she can’t let either of them go.

Behind the Needle 1 from Papercut Pictures on Vimeo.

Watch the London Tattoo Convention film.