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Makeup tats

Here at Things&Ink we’re a little bit make up obsessed, we love trying out different looks on our photo shoots and experimenting to create beautiful editorials. What better way to immortalise a love of cosmetics than with a tattoo?

Here is our pick of the bunch of some beautiful makeup tattoos we’ve seen on social media recently…
Just Jen

Tracy D

Rich Warburton

Mikee Cue

Melanie Milne

Rizza Boo

Clare Hampshire

Keely Rutherford


Sarah K

It’s a love thing #TheLoveIssue #Thingsandink

It’s time to reveal our issue 3 cover star of Things and Ink magazine…

The beautiful Rachel Baldwin stars as Little Red Riding Hood, inspired by one of her most famous tattoos… Read more about it in a full interview with Rachel in the magazine.

Get your copy now thingsandink.com/buy.

The love issue cover

Photographer: Stella Morais
Makeup: Keely Reichardt
Hair: Eleanor Robyn
Photo retouching: Lydia Rayner
Cover design: James Gilyead 

And here’s the behind the scenes video by Papercut Pictures. Music by NOFX, as Rachel is a huge fan (see tattoo on Rachel’s arm…)

Things and Ink Cover Shoot (Issue Three) from Papercut Pictures on Vimeo.

If you missed out on issue 1 and 2, you can also purchase them online at thingsandink.com/buy

Yay Lauren Winzer’s got her things&ink

I absolutely loved featuring the work of Lauren Winzer in issue 2. And after weeks of waiting, she has finally received her copy of the magazine…yay. I am pleased to say she loves it and I really hope either I can go visit her soon in Australia or she comes to do a guest spot in the UK. Not only would I love to get tattooed by her, but I would love to do a bigger feature on her – I adore her style. She ROCKS, she is such a Things & Ink girl 🙂


Lauren Winzer in Things and Ink magazine Lauren Winzer in Things and Ink magazine



Check out her interview and work  in The Face Issue – get your copy here thingsandink.com

And this tattoo is just one of the reasons we love her. It’s Britney bitch.

It's Britney bitch



Some more girly art and tattoos from CFB Tattooist

As you all know I love the artwork of CFB Tattooist (aka Cassandra Frances) who works at End Times in Leeds.

My sister and I got tattooed by her (blog post here) and I have blogged about her on numerous occasions…but her artwork just keeps getting better. So I couldn’t resist doing a quick post with a couple of her recent painting and tattoos.

Cfb tattooist gypsy

CFB lady with book

CFB tattooist lady bum

CFB lady bird head

CFB hate hand

Photos all taken from Cassandra’s Facebook page

Get your tats out – Ruby Confusing


Name: Amber
(Ruby Confusing blog, @Ruby_confusing twitter)
Age: 29
Occupation: Manger of hairdressing academy
Location: Norwich, UK

Totally tattoo perving on Amber

I had my first tattoo aged 17 and it was on my hand! It was tiny a little butterfly from Bambi, which has since been covered. I always found them fascinating and knew that I wanted at least one – it has now turned into quite a lot. I can’t say I remember seeing many on other people, and it was a good few years until they became more mainstream.  I suppose it was when I started to meet friends who worked in the tattoo industry and who had a lot of tattoos that I started to collect more and more. I think this is due to feeling more comfortable in my own skin and finding good artists that I trusted. I’m pretty lucky that with my job in the hairdressing industry, I’m allowed to have them in visible places, although I think in general employers are becoming slightly more relaxed about tattoos.

Amber tattoo hand
Amber tattoo hand

My first experience with a really good artist was Wink Evans, in Norwich, who is amazing and responsible for a considerable amount of my tattoos – pretty much all of my right arm and a flamingo piece on my left calf.  He works at Factotum.

Amber rose tattoo
Amber rose tattoo

I guess I prefer being tattooed by people who are local to me, as it is easier to make appointments and get work done. Norwich has some brilliant artists, so  I don’t need to go further afield. I do have pieces from other artists – Eric Michalovicand Dawnii Fantana, but this was at Norwich Body Art Festival or guest spots.

Doll legs and sandals
Doll legs and sandals
Russian doll tattoo legs
Russian doll tattoo legs

I’m currently being tattooed by Brad Ward from Factotum, who did the Russian dolls on my shins and the man and lady with animals on their heads and J’adore on my lower fingers.  I really like his style and have been super happy with all my work by him and plan on more.

The fact I had tattoos before I knew much about it has left me with a few that I’m not so keen on… I have had one covered up by Mike Boyd at Indigo in Norwich and it’s amazing and no one ever notices the cherries that were there before! I plan on dealing with the rest at some point in the future.

My style is colour, the brighter the better! I get inspiration from all around me, sometimes it is things I see, tattoos on other people or even things I read! I’m not one of these people who really think about what they want and research it – I just have an idea and then want it done as soon as possible.

I get asked if my tattoos have meanings quite a lot and they don’t really, I like them and that’s why I get them.

I have lots more planned for the future! The main thing being a back piece which will cover up some horrible pink tribal I had when I was 19. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now, but know it is something I’m going to have to  commit to, and before that I have lots of smaller projects I’d like to get finished.

Pair of tattoos
Pair of animal heads

My favourite tattoo is whichever one is my latest one, so right now the man with the fox on his head.

Some pics from the Great British Tattoo Show

Here is a small selection of photographs from the first ever Great British Tattoo Show.

Tattoo show t-shirt
A view from above

I discovered one talented new artist – Pedro Santos – and he had some amazing flash he tattooed at the show. Take a look at Pedro’s tumblr too.

Pedro Santos Tattoo Flash
Here is a very lucky lady being tattooed with the lady face from the flash sheet.
I also spotted this lovely perfume bottle in Pedro's portfolio - I would definitely like to add a perfume bottle to my 'vintage' arm...

And here is a quick snap of what I like to call my vintage arm at the show…

Vintage arm
My vintage ink

Photos: James, Papercut Pictures

The full album of photos from the show can be viewed on Facebook

Rachel Jamie Baldwin (formerly Rachel Jamie McCarthy)

I love Rachel Jamie Baldwin’s girly style and fairytale appeal –  and her ladies have the most beautiful, striking eyes…

Please paint a pretty lady on me Rachel?

Rachel Jamie Baldwin it's not like the movies
It's not like the movies
Rachel Jamie Baldwin Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood
Rachel Jamie Baldwin lady
Lovely lady
Rachel Jamie Baldwin fan
Fan me
Rachel Jamie Baldwin lady with leaves
Hiding in the leaves

Rachel works at Modern Body Art, Birmingham.

Photos from Facebook

Tattoo collector – Christina Owen


Name: Christina Owen
Age: 28
Location: south London
Occupation: student paramedic

Christina Owen

My name is Christina Owen, I’m 28, I live in south London and I’m a student paramedic and photographer. I could write a book about my tattoos. I have 24 at the moment. I collect them – they are mostly very bright and very bold and I’m hoping that over time I will collect enough small pieces to be built up into bigger sleeves. I prefer getting them done bit by bit, as they tell a story of my life. I’m about to start a photography project about tattoos and the stories they tell.

I’m also training to be a Paramedic and so many of my patients want to talk about my tattoos all the time – it’s a great conversation starter and seems to take their mind off the reasons why they’re in the ambulance! Amazing how many people you wouldn’t expect find them interesting, like little old ladies and children.

Inspired by patterns - tattoo by Bee Cole


Where did you get your tattoos done? All over the place! My favourite tattoo shop in the UK is Frith Street in London, but I’ve had some done in Brighton, some at other places in London, one in New York and one in Copenhagen. At Frith Street I’ve had a few tattoos by Valerie Vargas, who’s an absolutely amazing artist, and one by Frank Carter – who rendered me so starstruck that I couldn’t speak to him.

What got you into tattoos and what was your first tattoo? My first tattoo was a Chinese symbol on my stomach that means ‘fish’ (apparently!). I got it when I was 18 at my local tattoo shop because everyone else was doing it. A couple of years later I discovered SuicideGirls and couldn’t believe that tattoos could be so beautiful and so much like art. Up until then my experience was of tiny black and grey shapes that you would pick off a wall and have slapped somewhere on you, so you could say you’d done it. I thought the women on this site were wonderful and their tattoos completely captivated me.

Are you planning any more tattoos? Oh yes! I have about seven on my to-do list at the moment, but beyond a great idea for a tattoo, it’s also about finding the right artist to do it, and having the time and money to get it done. I’m impatient but I don’t want to rush – they need to be done properly, in the right place, at the right time. I’m quite picky about when the right time is to get a tattoo! I need to be in a good mood, things going well, the sun needs to be in the 5th house and the day needs to have a Y in it etc etc. It’s quite annoying…

Where did your inspiration come from? I mainly find inspiration in patterns and shapes that surround me. The stars on my chest come from part of a windchime that I got for my 20th birthday. It fell apart, and the stained glass star shape was all that was left. I stuck it on my bedroom wall in every place I lived, and fell in love with the design to the point where I wanted it on me forever! Sailors would get swallows tattooed on each side of their chest when they had travelled a certain distance away from home and I got stars, because of the star that I took with me everywhere I went.

I recently got the design from a pot that belonged to my grandmother on my arm, and I have this ancient biscuit tin that has yellow flowers on it that belonged to my Mum – I want the flowers tattooed on me somewhere.

I collect patterns from things that I have grown up with. Apart from that, I love traditional sailor flash designs and also pop art. I have a traditional arm and a contemporary arm to reflect both.

Lighthouse tattoo
Lighthouse tattoo by Valerie Vargas

How would you describe your style? Bright! And nothing matches! But hopefully everything will somehow go together in the end. Like a living room where none of the furniture matches, but it looks good anyway.

Is there anyone you would like to get tattooed by? I’m going to Nashville next month and I’d like to get a tattoo by Amanda Leadman at Black13 Tattoo, but whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. There’s also a female tattoo artist who’s photographs I follow on Flickr and her tattoos and art are amazing. She works somewhere in America – it frustrates me that artists live in places you can’t just nip to on your day off! And I would love an entire sleeve by Miss Led, but she doesn’t tattoo as far as I know.

Do you have a favourite tattoo? People ask me this a lot and I don’t want to pick a favourite because it’s like picking a favourite child…but the stars on my chest are the best thing I’ve ever done. Also, the words on my feet – 2nd best thing I’ve ever done (they say Didi and Gogo which are the nicknames of the characters in Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett).

Didi and Gogo tattoo
Waiting for Godot tattoo

Do your tattoos have meanings? Yes – they have surface meanings and some have deeper meanings too, and those meanings don’t get told when people ask. But the surface meanings do. And some of them only have surface meanings. I got a black cat tattooed on my wrist when I was 20 purely to impress a boy (it didn’t) and I had an anchor tattooed on my arm at the oldest functioning tattoo shop in the world, which is Tattoo Ole in Copenhagen, only because I wanted to be like a sailor and walk in off the docks and pick a design off the wall. The quality isn’t great, but I love it because of where it’s from.

Cassettes by Woody, Into You Brighton