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Tattoo Journeys – Portraits from London Tattoo Convention

Portraits from London Tattoo Convention 2015 byHeather Shuker Photography

A snapshot of people who attended the infamous London Tattoo Convention 2016 including artists, the general public, organisers, performers and more. As they posed, they were interviewed by Alice Snape and Keely Reichardt.


Sonja Punktum, 38, tattoo artist, Hamburg
“I’m not an angry person, but people who aren’t tattooed see rebellion, so are sometimes scared. People often comment on my tattoos, even if I don’t ask for it. Tattoos make people react, but I think that is because they are intense, they are created through pain and last forever, there is nothing else like it.”


Arrienette Ashman, 26, tattoo artist, Bournemouth
“I was 19 when I got my first tattoo, I went big straight away, as I always knew wanted to be heavily tattooed. My mum picked me up after the appointment and was shocked, but she has learnt to love them over the years. I love the thought of having art on me always. It is not just physical – it is a spiritual process.”


Ashley Green, 27, sports coach, Harrow
“I was drunk when I got my first tattoo at 16, it was a Chinese symbol. All my other tattoos are now family related, including a portrait of my mum.”


George Crew, 21, tattoo artist, Leicester
“I was 16 when I got my first tattoos, it was a rose on my stomach. I got it because everyone around me was getting tattooed. If I could go back, I would think about it more and get something of better quality. I am saving my back, though, as a backpiece is the most important tattoo you will ever get, as it is the biggest canvas.”


Monami Frost, 21, model/blogger/social media, Liverpool
“I cannot imagine my life without tattoos. Getting tattooed, for me, is a never-ending process. They are part of who I am. I think they are beautiful and they make me feel more full.”


Ermine Hunte, 37, buyer for an airline, Luton
“Tattoos and piercings are so empowering and can change who you are as a person. I have gained more confidence as they have covered scars from a kidney transplant. I am constantly evolving and gaining control over my body.”

Quick-fire questions with tattoo artist Claudia Ottaviani

Our resident make-up artist and managing editor, Keely, recently got tattooed by tattoo artist Claudia Ottaviani while she was guesting at Sang Bleu in east London… she asked her some quick-fire questions that she doesn’t normally get asked!


IMG_7496Keely’s tattoo by Claudia
 Keely and Claudia

If you could tattoo anyone dead or alive who would it be and why? I’ve never really thought about it, but it’s always an honour when another tattooer asks you to get a tattoo. I’ve never met him in person, but I’ve been in his shop and I think it is one of the most powerful places… So I’d have to pick Freddy Corbin at Tattoo Temple – and I hope he will never read this ha ha!


If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would you be? Some other creative job for sure: singer, guitarist, wood artisan, writer… I just need to use my hands when I work.


What’s the strangest body part you’ve either tattooed or have been asked to tattoo? I tattooed a girl’s pubis, that was pretty strange, but not so difficult.



Who is your favourite artist of the moment? I follow so many artists who don’t come from the tattoo world, so I can’t choose just one… Here are a few: Robert Ryan, Adde, Jess Swaffer, Matt Chahal, Bailey, Cheyenne Sawyer, Tony Nilsson, Becca Gennè-Bacon, Lina Stigsson and I have no idea how many more…


What is your response to someone saying to you “what will you think of your tattooed body when you are old?” First I laugh… I think I get tattoos to make the body more beautiful. I love to see the story on the skin! The body and the skin will grow old in any case, with or without tattoos, so why wouldn’t I get something that I think makes my body more beautiful now? It will be even more beautiful in 40 years.

T&I go to Torture Garden

Emily cover featureInspired by our Horror Issue cover, starring the stunning tattoo artist Emily Alice Johnston in a fetish inspired shoot featuring beautiful latex outfits, we thought team T&I should celebrate and maybe try out some latex wearing, too. And what better place to do it than at the World’s largest Fetish / Body Art Club: Torture Garden, and their Christmas Ball at Electrowerkz in north London? Our editor Alice Snape had never been before… here she tells us all about her first time.


If you’ve never been to Torture Garden before (named after the 1899 novel The Torture Garden (Le Jardin des supplices) by Octave Mirbeau, which was set in a Chinese Garden of Torture.), I highly recommend it. Although I have to admit it, I was a little apprehensive before I attended – not because I am a prude, but because I had never been to a fetish club before and I had absolutely no idea what to expect, or what was expected of me. I also had  no idea what to wear!

A friend recommended Meat Clothing and I spotted a gorgeous pink latex dress on their website and ordered it immediately. And, I have to say, I felt pretty special in it. I had never worn latex before, and a pink babydoll was pretty perfect for my first time.

Editor Alice Snape, horror issue cover star Emily Alice Johnston and managing editor Keely Reichardt pre Torture Garden. Editor Alice Snape, horror issue cover star Emily Alice Johnson and managing editor Keely Reichardt pre Torture Garden.


Managing editor Keely and I got ready together on the evening… drank some fizz and perfected our make-up. As Keely has been a couple of times before, she explained a little about her last experiences… and how much fun she had! We also met up with our horror issue cover star Emily for some pre drinks too…

As soon as we arrived at the TG Christmas ball location, Electrowerkz in north London, I felt like I was transported to another world of fetish, fun and fantasy. People were dressed in latex, stunning lingerie, collars and gimp suits… and Electrowerks had been transformed into a magical Christmas fantasy land. Still a little nervous, we did a round of shots and then went off to explore…

Managing editor Keely ready for her night at Torture Garden Managing editor Keely ready for her night at Torture Garden

I ended up spending the entire night roaming around to see what was going on. There were lots of different rooms – one just for couples and a dungeon (for those who want to explore their sexuality, although there are also strict codes of conduct, touching anyone without permission  is strictly forbidden), there’s also shows, performances and dance floors, too. I chatted to interesting people, finding out about their kinks, and of course, it’s ok if you don’t have any, too… TG accepts anyone (as long as you dress up! If your outfit wouldn’t turn heads in the street – don’t bother wearing it to Torture Garden). TG is a space where you can be whoever you want to be. You can escape reality for the evening into a magical world. It is for hedonists, party people and those who just want to let go for one night. TG attracts open-minded individuals, from clubbers to alternative arty weirdos, burlesque cabaret fans to sophisticated BDSM regulars (famous visitors have included Dita Von Teese, Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Boy George, Katie Price and Courtney Love)…

Editor Alice and a pre TG selfie, of course. Editor Alice and a pre TG selfie, of course

The evening drew to close far too quickly… and I couldn’t believe it was 6am by the time Keely and I left. We literally forgot all of our worries for one evening and danced and chatted and met interesting people. And everyone we met was so respectful. I had worried that I might get hassled (I have a boyfriend and didn’t want to join in), but I didn’t. In fact, I probably got hassled less than a standard night out, where drunken men often grab women without permission. On the way home, Keely and I chatted about how we couldn’t wait to attend the next event… and plan another incredible outfit. There’s no other situation where you can wear whatever you want and be exactly who you want to be, surrounded by people who are just as weird as us. See you at the next one?

Torture Garden NYE is on 30 December at Ministry of Sound in London and Torture Garden Valentines Ball is on 13 February at Coronet in London.

Take a look at some of the other TG party goers in this selection of photos from the evening (photos by MarcusT):

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The Face Issue cover shoot video by Papercut Pictures

Things and Ink Cover Shoot (Issue Two) from Papercut Pictures on Vimeo.

Music by Amanda Mair – ‘Sense’

Starring tattoo artist Cassandra Frances who works at End Times in Leeds.
Photographer: Sam Butt.
Make-up and hair: Keely Reichardt.
Retouching: Lydia Rayner

Buy the face issue here: thingsandink.com/buy free p&p in the UK and we ship worldwide.

things and ink cover shoot

Things&Ink issue 2 cover


Hello Keely.

Feature girl: Keely Reichardt (her blog is here)

KeelyOh well, hello there Keely. My new tattoo feature girl. A talented make-up artist, who has taken her quest for beautification from her flawlessly made-up face to her body. Keely is covered in beautiful ink, feast your eyes on this th’inkers…


What a pretty skull you have…a girly, modern twist on a traditional tattoo idea. The skull was created by Matt Difa, who used to work in Tusk, Covent Garden.

As a striking pin-up style girl herself, Keely decided she would also like to pin-up her body.

Pin-up girl

This piece is a work in progress. Created by – the very much in demand – Nikole Lowe of London Ink fame. Keely would love to get this piece finished, but is not quite sure when or if this will ever happen. Keely tells a funny tale about her inking experience…

“The second sitting was extremely painful after a particularly easy first sitting with the outline – probably down to the fact that I was a little stoned so felt nothing. Although an old hells angel style character came in and told me it was going to feel like I had been hung and was being beaten with sticks….he then proceeded to show me his bull dog tattoo on his knees.”

Keely I wish I had been there to witness this, sounds like an interesting experience to say the least…I also wish we had a picture of the man and his bulldog-branded knee!


Now we move on to Keely’s beautiful feet and possibly my favourite tattoo of all time. This piece was inspired by the Japanese Manga artist Junko Mizuno. This inspired ink is a collaborative creation by Paula, at Into You. Paula and Keely picked out the images they liked from comic books and combined and changed them to create this piece of art.


This dramatic and awe-inspiring back piece by Matt Difa, at the Jolie Rouge . Stigmatas, Latin meaning ‘Branded with tattoos’.


DWBH – Don’t Worry, Be Happy. The lip tattoo was done by some guy in a random parlour in Middlesex for a tenner! He thought DW and BH were initials, hence the big gap.

Mince pies and heartLove Heart – by Adam, Into you. This piece was done by hand, not using a gun. Keely originally wanted a pineapple, but apparently this would be too intricate for a finger design.

Keely’s creative approach to tattooing has made me feel utterly inspired. I also really fancy a mince pie, anyone else?

Photos: Olivia Snape