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Have you got a Sailor Jerry tattoo?

The Sailor Jerry search is on.

Sailor Jerry has embarked upon an epic quest to track down a rare breed of individuals – those walking the earth with tattoos inked by Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins himself. Not imitations, just tattoos inked by the man himself.

Sailor Jerry Hunt

These men and women represent living history, so Sailor Jerry want to photograph their tattoos and interview them about their session with the father of old-school tattooing.

These stories and photos  will contribute to an exhibition celebrating the life and legacy of Sailor Jerry. If you’re reading this post and you have an original Norman Collins tattoo (or know someone who does), please get in touch with the guys over at Sailor Jerry, by emailing them at originalink@sailorjerry.com.


Very exciting news from our fave rum makers over at Sailor Jerry…

Iconic artist and musician designs exclusive pieces for the Sailor Jerry Clothing line ‘The Flash Collection by Paul Simonon’

The flash collection paul simonon

Today Sailor Jerry announced The Flash Collection, a series of annual collaborations between Sailor Jerry and like-minded artists inspired by the legendary tattoo flash of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. And first up, it’s Paul Simonon, the legendary man who formed The Clash, with Mick Jones.

Paul Simonon - Credit Derrick Santini Paul Simonon – photo: Derrick Santini


Paul will design three limited edition pieces that I cannot wait to get my hands on – a leather jacket, a t-shirt and a neckerchief. Each piece will combine Norman Collins’ iconic flash artwork with Simonon’s signature design style to produce truly iconic and collectable items.

These will be available in a handful of selected stores around the world and on www.sailorjerryclothing.com, in September 2013. So watch this space for more details…eek exciting, and all sounds very exclusive.

In the meantime…watch this video with Paul talking about the collacboration:

For further information on The Flash Collection by Paul Simonon contact follow Sailor Jerry on twitter @sailorjerryUK #flashcollection or on www.facebook.com/sailorjerryUK.

Check out the website too www.sailorjerryclothing.com





Sailor Jerry London venue – Hotel Street

“Good work ain’t cheap. Cheap work ain’t good.” – Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins – The father of old-school tattooing

The new Sailor Jerry venue in London is now open. Hotel Street is named after the infamous Hotel Street district in Honolulu, where Norman Collins aka Sailor Jerry made his name.

Hotel Street entrance
Hotel Street entrance

By night Hotel Street is a lot of fun, and I would highly recommend it for tattoo and music fans alike – or those who just want to have some fun in a cool new London venue and drinks lots of lovely Sailor Jerry cocktails…

I suggest trying out an aptly named Hotel Hooch…

Sailor Jerry cocktails
Sailor Jerry cocktails - one mint collins and two daiquiri Hawaiian coffees. Very tasty
The bar
The bar
The stamp
The stamp

On 25 April – I danced the night away to Dirty Beaches and Chapter 24. And generally had far too much fun for a Wednesday evening….

And if that type of deborturous mid-week behaviour doesn’t take your fancy, this multi-functional venue turns into a rather arty affair by day….

tattoo_swallow_imgHotel Street by day is home to a gallery of original Sailor Jerry flash and artwork. His work is stunning in real life. And each bit of meaningful flash is described in detail – for example the swallow was to commemorate 5,000 miles travelled at sea and swallows are also deeply rooted in the symbolism of returning.


Sailor Jerry flash
Sailor Jerry flash
The artwork on display at Hotel Street
The artwork on display at Hotel Street

By night, all the artwork is hidden away from drunken revellers, so I suggest making at least two trips to the venue.

Oh and if none of that entices you, they also ply you with lots of free popcorn!

I know I’ll definitely be going back – most probably to see Joe Gideon & the Shark on 1 May and also Bass Drum of Death on 8 May. Maybe see some of you there?

Hotel Street is on 121-125 Charing Cross Road.