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Here’s to Life outside the Lines

Sailor Jerry has launched a new short film, ‘Here’s to Life outside the Lines’ – celebrating the spirit of rebellion through an unofficial lineage of road trips, choppers and wild times.


The film brings to life the philosophy of those who stand up for what they believe in and boldly live life on their own terms. It features a montage of new and archival footage of skaters, bikers, musicians and classic car enthusiasts, as well as original footage of the inspiration behind the brand, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins himself – the personification of an independent spirit who lived life his own way.

Sailor Jerry and Iggy Pop

The Flash Collection 2014 has landed! Featuring designs by global rock and style icon Iggy Pop The range is an annual collaboration between Sailor Jerry and like-minded artists, mixing rum, tattoos and music into a punchy style cocktail. 

This exclusive rock ‘n’ roll collaboration will go on sale in a handful of selected stores around the world including London and Miami. The collection will also be available online at www.sailorjerryclothing.com.

Iggy has created a denim vest, leather belt and embroidered patches, which have all been made in the USA. The vest is a true collectors item as only 50 have been made, each one is numbered and signed by Iggy Pop himself. Each item has been inspired by Sailor Jerry tattoo flash and Iggy’s own style preferences, making for truly unique garments

Sailor Jerry’s tattooed Ambassador EmmaLi

EmmaLi Stenhouse, 29, from Hastings, UK, talks rum, Sailor Jerry and shows us her tattoo collection

What do you do for a living? I am currently the UK Ambassador for Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

Fly Lightly My Heart by Ben Davies


Fly Lightly My Heart by Ben Davies



How did you get into being an Ambassador and what exactly does it entail? Are tattoos a part of this? 

I guess it was all down to being at the right place at the time and maybe a little luck. I went from managing bars in Hastings to setting up my own Tiki Bar, Huny Lu Lu’s. One day, completely on the off chance, someone from Sailor Jerry came into the bar and said that they were looking for an Ambassador and thought it would be worth me applying. I thought I’d be brave and give it a go as there was nothing to lose, so sent in my CV, got an interview and to cut a long story short, got the job. They wanted someone who was into rum and tattoos, which sums me up as I’ve always been genuinely passionate about both. My time is split between talking to bartenders, organising events and trying to educate people about Sailor Jerry.

On EmmaLi's legs by  Alexis Camburn-Cox On EmmaLi’s legs by Alexis Camburn-Cox


How different was being a bartender that to what you do now? 

I travel a lot more now and am rarely at home – my days are completely varied. One day I could be at a tattoo convention or throwing a party, and the next I’m in the office planning the next event or doing a training session at a bar. The variety means I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing people and travel about a lot. I do love bartending and I still miss it loads, so it is nice to still be involved in the industry without having to be on the front line, which, trust me, can be really hard. I don’t think we really appreciate how hard bartenders work or what we have to put up with – anyone who’s ever worked in a bar will know what I’m talking about. Saying that, I still get the chance to stay pretty close to the bartending side of things, as Sailor Jerry is always keen to find a way to support bartenders. For example, we’re currently running a campaign to get “Bartender Appreciation Day” recognised as a national holiday within the UK. It’s nice to have the opportunity to reward those hardworking guys and gals who make our good nights out possible whilst dealing with all the bad and the ugly!

By Madame Butterfly


Can you give us a bit of a rundown of your tattoo collection?

 I was 18 when I got my first tattoo at Madame Butterfly’s in Hastings. I started with my ankles, and then moved onto the “True Love” roses on my feet.  I worked my way up to the backs of my legs and hips, then my ribs and stomach.  I accidentally got most of my painful bits out of the way early, which I’m now pretty glad about. I wanted to save space for the places that would be more on show until I found the right pieces. I’m slowly but surely adding to my collection, and now that I’m 29 I know what I like, and I’m confident my mind won’t change too drastically. I’ve recently started getting serious on my arms and adding to my back.

I’ve always loved traditional tattoos and was probably influenced by Sailor Jerry before I even knew who Norman Collins was. I love the romanticism and hope that his tattoos portray. The messaging behind them evokes a strong sense of telling a story and holding on to a memory which I love. For me, Sailor Jerry tattoos are as timeless and relevant today as they were back in the day.

Love it or leave it by Alexis Camburn-Cox


Ladies and lower butterflies by Rebecca Butterfly – Neck by Alexis Camburn-Cox


What are your favourite pieces and why?

 My arms are definitely my favourite pieces at the moment because I’m still excited about adding to them. The peacock is one I particularly love and is done by Caleb Kilby at Shangri-La, someone who I have known for a long time and despite it not being my usual style, means a lot to me. I love his style. Some of my other arm was done by Alex Bage, whose style I adore so I was lucky enough to catch him twice. Other pieces I’ll always love are probably my feet and my ribs, which I love as much now as when they were new, in fact I don’t regret any of my tattoos. I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing artists doing what I do, so I’m trying to build up my collection on my travels.  

Peacock by Caleb Kilby


Fat Panda by Alex Bage


What do you think your tattoos say about you? 

I dread to think! Personally, I think they bring out the hopeless romantic in me. I love tattoos on women, but for me, keeping them classic and feminine softens the edginess of having quite a lot of tattoos.

By Alex Bage


What else is in the pipeline for you this year? Work and tattoo wise.

 I will be busy running the campaign for Bartender Appreciation Day, so get voting! We’ve got a few big events coming up which are definitely keeping me busy, and I’ll no doubt be hanging around in bars across the city! With regards to tattoos, I’ll definitely be getting some more work done on my arms and I’m planning on getting to work on my shoulders next.

By Aracelli 4Eva


Last but not least, a quick cocktail our readers can make at home? 

Heavy Punch – it’s a great summer cocktail which is refreshingly fruity and easy to mix at home.


1 ½ parts Sailor Jerry Spiced
1 part pineapple juice
½ part port
½ part simple syrup
½ part fresh lime juice
4 dashes of bitters

Method: Combine ingredients, shake and strain over crushed ice. Garnish with fresh grated nutmeg.

Respect his legacy, drink responsibly  




Sailor Jerry sponsors The Things&Ink Identity exhibition

We are very pleased to announce that Sailor Jerry will be sponsoring the opening of IDENTITY – Portraits | Modification | Adornment – our exhibition at Into You London in May 2014.

Join and celebrate with us:
Thursday 22 May from 7pm
Into You, 144 St John St, London EC1V 4UA
RSVP here.

Sailor Jerry will be providing awesome cocktails including:
Jerry and Ginger Beer
Sailor Jerry and Coke
Jerry Mojito
Shave & a Haircut
Heavy Punch

Respect his legacy, drink responsibly.

What more could you ask for? Ink, art and booze. See you on Thursday…

Jerry and Ginger Beer


SJ Mojito Jerry Mojito


Shave & a Haircut


Heavy Punch


Cocktails recipes from Sailor Jerry coming soon. More information about the event here.

Brighton Tattoo Convention Fun

Yep, it’s almost here. Three days until the Brighton Tattoo Convention – plus it’s Valentine’s weekend, so we’re really feeling the love.


Venue details
The 7th Brighton Tattoo Convention
15th/16th February 2014
Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel

Opening times
11am-2am Saturday and Sunday
Plus there’s a pre-convention party from 8pm – 2am on Friday night… so hopefully see some of you at The Sailor Jerry bar, where they will be serving Sailor Jerry rum cocktails, including Hell Fires, Backyard Lemonades and Heavy Punch.

Here’s some photos of the fun from last year…

Rum Cocktails <3


And here’s makeup artist Keely and I on the stand last year… when we only had two issues of Things&Ink on sale, but at this year’s Brighton convention, we will be launching issue 6! Crazy, crazy… Come get your copy from our stand…


Things and Ink stand from last year Things and Ink stand from last year


See you at the bar? If not, make sure you take advantage of our sale, 25% of The Modification Issue and all subscriptions until Monday 17 February, thingsandink.com, or from Newsstand.

The Modification Issue starring Grace Neutral is out now and we will celebrate in Brighton

Have you got a Sailor Jerry tattoo?

The Sailor Jerry search is on.

Sailor Jerry has embarked upon an epic quest to track down a rare breed of individuals – those walking the earth with tattoos inked by Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins himself. Not imitations, just tattoos inked by the man himself.

Sailor Jerry Hunt

These men and women represent living history, so Sailor Jerry want to photograph their tattoos and interview them about their session with the father of old-school tattooing.

These stories and photos  will contribute to an exhibition celebrating the life and legacy of Sailor Jerry. If you’re reading this post and you have an original Norman Collins tattoo (or know someone who does), please get in touch with the guys over at Sailor Jerry, by emailing them at originalink@sailorjerry.com.


Very exciting news from our fave rum makers over at Sailor Jerry…

Iconic artist and musician designs exclusive pieces for the Sailor Jerry Clothing line ‘The Flash Collection by Paul Simonon’

The flash collection paul simonon

Today Sailor Jerry announced The Flash Collection, a series of annual collaborations between Sailor Jerry and like-minded artists inspired by the legendary tattoo flash of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. And first up, it’s Paul Simonon, the legendary man who formed The Clash, with Mick Jones.

Paul Simonon - Credit Derrick Santini Paul Simonon – photo: Derrick Santini


Paul will design three limited edition pieces that I cannot wait to get my hands on – a leather jacket, a t-shirt and a neckerchief. Each piece will combine Norman Collins’ iconic flash artwork with Simonon’s signature design style to produce truly iconic and collectable items.

These will be available in a handful of selected stores around the world and on www.sailorjerryclothing.com, in September 2013. So watch this space for more details…eek exciting, and all sounds very exclusive.

In the meantime…watch this video with Paul talking about the collacboration:

For further information on The Flash Collection by Paul Simonon contact follow Sailor Jerry on twitter @sailorjerryUK #flashcollection or on www.facebook.com/sailorjerryUK.

Check out the website too www.sailorjerryclothing.com





Christmas gift ideas for the tattooed lady

Or in other words, all the things I would like as presents under my tree this year…

Tattoo christmas cards

Christmas cards never really appeal to me, that’s until I saw these beauties for sale in The Circle in Soho…a little more interesting than your average snow scene.

Red sky at night


And check out the super-cute decoden phone cases made by Phantasy Phones.

This red number is my fave, it’s called Red Sky At Night.


Of course, no stocking would be complete without a piece of art. And I love the male pin-up created for the launch issue of Things&Ink magazine by Rachel Jamie Baldwin. It is a bargain at just £5.74, available from Rachel’s Etsy shop.

Who doesn’t want some new jewellery in their life? I would be more than happy if I had some festive BMM (bloodymarymetal.com) to wake up to on Christmas day. It is very hard to pick a fave piece from the collection, but I do keep looking at the Lonely Bone and Cross Bones…

BMM lonely bone

I am also partial to getting a little tipsy over the festive season, and what better way to do it than with a bottle of Sailor Jerry rum. And the limited edition gift pack isn’t just for good girls, as Father Christmas might have you believe…  It also comes with a poster of Sailor Jerry flash.

Good gifts for bad people

And of course, I couldn’t not mention the best present for the tattooed lady EVER and that’s a copy of the launch issue of Things&Ink. (I know I am biased as I edit and created the magazine, but it really is beautiful and insightful –  a collector’s item!). Buy from Newsstand with free P&P and embrace female tattoo culture this festive season.

Things and ink magazine

And if you don’t like any of these options, I definitely always accept cash for more tattoos!

Enjoy and a very happy Christmas from Alice  xxxx

My lunch date with Henk Schiffmacher and Louise van Teylingen

Meeting Hanky Panky

A few days ago I received an email from the lovely people over at Hotel Street  (the Sailor Jerry pop-up bar I blogged about recently) to see if I might be interested in meeting Henk Schiffmacher on Wednesday 13th June for a bloggers lunch. Urm, silly question really, of course I bloody would.

Henk has curated the gallery at Hotel Street with all the Sailor Jerry artwork, and is the founder of the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. Henk has tattooed a host of celebrities including the likes of Kurt Cobain, Limp Bizkit and Robbie Williams. In other words, Henk is a bit of a legend in the tattoo industry.

Alice and Henk
Here I am with the legend himself, Henk Schiffmacher (excuse my stupid smirk)

So on 13 June, I, along with other excited bloggers and journalists, went to The Diner to have a lunch date with Henk and his lovely wife Louise van Teylingenm, who used to be his apprentice.

Louise van Teylingen and Henk Schiffmacher
Husband and wife - Louise van Teylingen and Henk Schiffmacher

Henk talked to us about the changing image of tattoos, “it used to be more about you pick ‘em and I’ll stick ‘em”. In other words, the tattoo world used to be more about going into a shop and just picking something there and then and from a piece of flash. Nowadays there is lots more custom tattooing, where you work with an artist to create a unique tattoo. And people are becoming much more considered tattoo collectors. We also chatted about whether or not tattooing is losing its spontaneity because of this, spur-of-the-moment tattoos can be lots of fun and also a memory of a point in time.

But I think that is the beauty of tattooing, some tattooing is about creating a unique piece of art for your body, but a huge part of it is also about fun and memories – something that you choose to do just because you fancy it on the day.

Henk with a Th'ink business card under his hat - glad to see he is a fan of my blog :)
Henk with a Th'ink business card under his hat - glad to see he is a fan of my blog

And of course, we all showed off our ink, too.

Henk's Sailor Jerry monkey
Henk's Sailor Jerry monkey and the pattern above it is a tattoo of one his children's first drawings (aww)
Louise Sailor Jerry tattoo
Louise's Sailor Jerry tattoo

I love the story behind this one. Below is a little tattoo on Louise’s neck that a Japanese friend of hers did for her. The monkey is reaching up, because it is based on a story or myth that a monkey is always trying to grab for the moon.

Louise monkey tattoo
Louise's monkey tattoo

The conversation also got round to how we feel about having names tattooed on us – something which always divides opinion. Names can be tattooed when you’re drunk, mistakingly or not, when you’re in love with someone or as a tribute. But I loved Henk’s opinion that people who have names tattooed on them are the most loyal people and that it is a huge compliment for someone to get your name tattooed on them.

Louise henk tattoo
Louise's Henk tattoo
Louise Henk arm tattoo
Louise's Hank tattoo

Henk also told us how he would like the romantic part of tattooing to be kept alive. He doesn’t like the white, minimalist shops that exist now. Tattoo shops should have history, they should be places you feel comfortable, the walls should be covered in flash that the artists in the shop have created themselves. And I guess it’s a sign of the times, that there has even been a pop-up tattoo shop in Selfridges…

We chatted about so much more than that too. From tattooing being a kind of passport and how we can be drawn to fellow tattoo enthusiasts, to tattooing being a form of non-verbal communication – the mirror of one’s mind – and Russian prison tattoos – stars on the knees means that being in the hole did not break you. We even talked about April Flores’ Cyberskin pussy. And on that note I think I shall end this blog post…

Henk and Louise tattooed hands
Henk and Louise - tattooed hands

Henk is an extremely interesting man and I hope to go over to the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum in July to see him and Louise. And in the meantime, I would highly recommend you pop over to Hotel Street to take a look at the Sailor Jerry flash…