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Slam Dunk North Street Spotter 2017

Every year Slam Dunk Festival seems to outdo itself. After our music writer Amber had such an amazing time meeting the crowd to create last year’s Slam Dunk Street Spotter we couldn’t wait for her to head back for the 2017 edition…

The Bronx

Name: Raine (right)
Instagram: @raineisonfire
Job: Tattoo Artist
Tattoo: Arms by Dan Molloy, back of thigh by Emil Tramp
There to see: Casey

Name: Adelaide (left)
Instagram: @lxdle
Job: Student
Tattoo: Arm by Em Jay, leg by Hannah Clarke 
There to see: Cute is what we aim for

Name: Laura Rebecca
Instagram: @laurarebz
Job: Manager at Urban Outfitters
Tattoo:  Laura’s right arm by Mike Gibson, left arm by Aimee Spittlehouse, dino calf by Miles Welby Jenkins.
There to see: Enter Shikari and Don Broco

Name: Kirsty
Instagram: @kirstycee
Job: Fashion and print designer
Tattoos: Arm (top half) by  Jamie Eskdale, arm (bottom half) by James Walters, shin by Christine Davies, thigh by Danny Brown.
There to see: Bury Tomorrow, Don Broco, Beartooth, Enter Shikari

Name: Kate
Instagram: @deadthingsbykate
Job: Taxidermist
Tattoos: by Dale Sarok and Henbo Henning 
There to see: We caught Kate at the end of Cute Is What We Aim For‘s set before she ran off to Beartooth.

Name: Karla
Instagram: @karlafarrar 
Job: Everyman Cinema
Tattoos: Yorkshire rose by Judd Wrighton.
There to see: Stray From The Path, Don Broco, Beartooth, Enter Shikari

See you next year!

Countdown to Slam Dunk Festival

It’s less than a week to Slam Dunk Festival and our music writer Amber and team will be heading to the sold out Northern date in Leeds to celebrate the bank holiday with some amazing bands. Amber picks some of the tracks she would love to hear at the weekend…

This year’s line up reminds me of so many great previous line ups that I feel like it’s going to be a weekend of reminiscing alongside so many thriving bands.  To help us countdown to Slam Dunk I’ve picked out a few tracks I’d love to hear this weekend.

Moose Blood

With their second album ‘Blush’ due for release this August via Hopeless Records I cannot wait to hear Moose Blood performing this new track ‘Honey’ live.

Four Year Strong

Is it a pop punk party without Four Year Strong? The answer is no. Slam Dunk have pulled off an amazing line up and I’m going to have very sore feet by the end of the night…

Norma Jean

I may be a little over excited for Norma Jean’s upcoming UK tour but the Impericon stage has such an incredible line up this year I might not venture too far. Let’s just hope no one is chugging milk at Slam Dunk during their set.


If you’re yet to catch Creeper on one of their countless tours as they smash the UK then Slam Dunk is your chance. ‘Black Mass’ comes from their E.P ‘The Stranger’ who happens to be that creepy wee figure you can see in the background.

Every Time I Die

Once you hear that cowbell you know that something is going down. Which headliner are you going to watch this weekend?

Real Friends

In the spirit of Slam Dunk pop punk, Real Friends latest video ‘Mess’ comes from the forthcoming album ‘The Home Inside My Head’ due for release May 27th via Fearless Records. They’re playing the O2 Academy indoor stage, North at 5pm, Forum Live, Midlands at 5:15pm and Forum, South at 5pm so don’t miss out!

New Found Glory

It never feels quite like Slam Dunk without some New Found Glory!

Cancer Bats

I missed out on Cancer Bats last UK tour so I cannot wait for their set this Saturday.  With bands like these tearing up the place, it’s a good idea that they’re closing the streets of Leeds for Slam Dunk.

Which Slam Dunk are you attending and who are you going to see?