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Quick-fire questions with tattoo artist Claudia Ottaviani

Our resident make-up artist and managing editor, Keely, recently got tattooed by tattoo artist Claudia Ottaviani while she was guesting at Sang Bleu in east London… she asked her some quick-fire questions that she doesn’t normally get asked!


IMG_7496Keely’s tattoo by Claudia
 Keely and Claudia

If you could tattoo anyone dead or alive who would it be and why? I’ve never really thought about it, but it’s always an honour when another tattooer asks you to get a tattoo. I’ve never met him in person, but I’ve been in his shop and I think it is one of the most powerful places… So I’d have to pick Freddy Corbin at Tattoo Temple – and I hope he will never read this ha ha!


If you weren’t a tattoo artist, what would you be? Some other creative job for sure: singer, guitarist, wood artisan, writer… I just need to use my hands when I work.


What’s the strangest body part you’ve either tattooed or have been asked to tattoo? I tattooed a girl’s pubis, that was pretty strange, but not so difficult.



Who is your favourite artist of the moment? I follow so many artists who don’t come from the tattoo world, so I can’t choose just one… Here are a few: Robert Ryan, Adde, Jess Swaffer, Matt Chahal, Bailey, Cheyenne Sawyer, Tony Nilsson, Becca Gennè-Bacon, Lina Stigsson and I have no idea how many more…


What is your response to someone saying to you “what will you think of your tattooed body when you are old?” First I laugh… I think I get tattoos to make the body more beautiful. I love to see the story on the skin! The body and the skin will grow old in any case, with or without tattoos, so why wouldn’t I get something that I think makes my body more beautiful now? It will be even more beautiful in 40 years.

My body is a blank canvas.

RachFeature girl: Rachael D’Alessandro
Today’s feature girl is the beautiful ink addict Rachael, she is in the buying team at Topshop, she loves art and lives in London.

Rachael considers her tattoos as art and treats her body like a blank canvas. The tattoos that adorn her body are art not necessarily about meaning, but about beauty. Art that will live on her skin forever…She even considered tattooing as a career option, but somehow her path has taken her into fashion and as you can see from this collection of photos she is one stylishly painted lady…

Heart wings tattooHer first tattoo was the heart wings, in between her shoulder blades, adapted from a drawing that she did at the age of 16 (tattoo was also done at this time but shh don’t tell anyone – clearly a rebel at heart). The tattoo was done at a studio in Lincoln.Faith tattoo

Her second tattoo is the word Faith on her wrist in  flowing type. This lovely little inking is by Chris at Modern Body Art. Chris was also lucky enough to ink her for a third time, this time her right wrist and a very feminine flowing garden vine design.

Garden vine tattoo
round and round the garden...

heart, locket and flower tattooHer fourth (and one of my faves) is her heart, locket and flower design, on her lower back, so beautifully feminine against her skin. This is by Dawny and again was done at Modern Body Art. Rachael liked this one so much she got Dawny to do her fifth arm piece, inspired by all the things she loves.

Rach's life-inspired arm design
This is Rachael's personal favourite piece

Treasure chest and agape tattoo
I unconditionally love this tattoo.

Her sixth piece, again another Modern Body Art masterpiece, is her treasure chest with the word Agape. Agape means unconditional love in Greek philosophy.

Her seventh piece is the writing on her neck, this is a love piece and her boyfriend has the same design. Inspired by Beethoven’s third love letter to Josephine, Immortal Beloved. ever thine tattoo

Rach BackRachael your art is beautiful and I would love to see more as you cover your canvas…

Photos: Olivia Snape