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Everyone Loves Someone

The Book of Everyone project allows you to create your own personal book for someone special of your choosing. Your one-of-a-kind booked is made by you – and creative and talented artists, illustrators and designers – and filled with interesting art work and imagery, including photos from your own collection.

 Everyone deserves a book with their name on the cover

The Book of Everyone quoted from their Facebook

The short video tells the alternative love story behind tattooing. The film was made by Scottish photographer/director David Boni and was shot in Glasgow, hence the rainy street. The tattoo parlour featured in the film was Fleur De Lis and the soundtrack is by The Mostar Diving Club.


The World on my Shoulders Tattoo

Bill Passman quit his job as a lawyer, sold all his possessions and got his first passport all at the age of 51. Having travelled to over 70 countries and all 7 continents he decided to document his journey with a tattoo.

I realized that if I was going to do that it would have to be a tattoo of the entire World including the specific countries. I also knew that I would like to color in each of the countries that I had travelled to.

Bill Passman


Read about his continuing adventures on his blog

Little Swastika

Tattoo artist Little Swastika who tattoos from a private studio in Germany (you can only contact him via email), created the word ‘Love’ over four people’s backs.

He painted the design by hand onto the four backs before beginning the long process of tattooing. Little Swastika frequently tattoos large back pieces, with designs flowing down both arms and legs, to him the whole body is a canvas.



Somewhere in middle of Italy in a private living room. 4 people and a total of around 32 hours of tattooing over 4 days on two working spaces. This was in a way killing me, but in another way showing me what is possible. When I started a few years ago with my first double piece I was just dreaming of making a tattoo in a size like this. Without many compromises at all.  Many thanks to all you 4 and to all other pieces who made me walk, more than once, over the borders of dreams and reality…..

Little Swastika

He has created tattoos over two people before but the love project is his biggest piece to date.

 Creating art is my key to escape from our life in our reality. Tattooing for me is a piece of freedom.

Little Swastika


Images and quotes from Little Swastika’s Facebook

Skullduggery Tatu

Skullduggery Tatu is a custom tattoo studio based in Belfast. Both artists take inspiration from American Traditional tattoos, folk art and illustration. The results are powerful bold lines with a beautifully balanced colour palette; really strong and traditional.


After extensive travel, Helen McDonnell opened the studio in 2000, with tattoo artist Jenna McAleese joining her in 2011. The shop not only houses two female artists but also lends itself to travelling guest artists. You can also get tattooed by Helen and Jenna at various tattoo conventions.

To see all their recent work follow the artists  and shop on Instagram

@skullduggery_tatu    @helenskullduggery and  @jennamcaleese

The shop acts as a gallery space showcasing the work of not only local artists but international ones too. Previous exhibitions have displayed beautiful embroidery pieces and large-scale wall paintings. Also live performances take place within the intimate tattoo space.


DIY Tattoo Parlour

No Class in Colorado is a DIY tattoo parlour run by skater Jesse Brocato. That’s right you tattoo yourself, in his living room. Every tattoo is free and its a unwritten rule that you have to be wasted.

The idea behind No Class is, why would you want a fancy tattoo when you could have a shitty ghetto tattoo?

Peter Garritano visited No Class, see his interview with Jesse and photos at Vice.com

Would you tattoo yourself in some dude’s living room? Are they just a bunch of scratchers or do you like home made tattoos?



Unlock your phone with your tattoo

Watch this short video to see new technology that allows you to unlock your smart phone with a digital temporary tattoo.

The ‘tattoo’ stays on the wearer’s skin for five days once it has been stuck on. It has been created to work exclusively with Motorola’s Moto X Smartphone and is on sale in America for $10.

Chapman Brothers’ Tattoo Parlour

“There will be pain. Pain and blood.”

Jake and Dinos Chapman hope to raise £25,000 through Art Fund and their crowd-funding website Art Happens to open a tattoo art project at the Jerwood Gallery.

Those who donate can help bring the brothers back to their home town of Hastings, where their new art exhibition will be on display. Not only will the brother’s be painting over old junk shop finds, but they are encouraging the public to bring in art from their homes for the brothers to update with paint.

Jake and Dinos are also opening a pop-up tattoo parlour in the gallery, in which they will reward those who donated with specially-designed tattoos turning them into walking one-off pieces of art.

The original idea was to have Dinos tattooing in a wooden box, the victim – or lucky customer – would stick their arm through a hole in the box where it would be strapped down, totally hidden from site. Dinos would tattoo a design of his choosing onto their arm and on removal from the hole the recipient would see their new tattoo. Fortunately this idea was dismissed on health and safety grounds by Frieze Art Fair.

Chapman brothers tattoo design


Neither one of the brothers has any formal training and Jake’s forearm is covered with blue scribbles done by Dinos.

He isn’t very good, and he really dug in with the needle – it was very painful.

Will you be donating? Would you let someone tattoo a mystery design on your skin?




Chapman Brothers quoted from The Guardian
Images from The Guardian and www.blouinartinfo.com

The Blackwork King

We are in awe of the dedication and time spent to create this piece. This blackwork project on tattoo artist Punctum Kay, Austria was created by Gerhard Wiesbeck.

Tattoo artist Punctum Kay designed all of the main black work himself.  Gerhard Wiesbeck tattooed the whole body, but he only designed the psychedelic dot work chest portion of the suit.

What do you think of black work? Incredibly powerful or wasting valuable tattoo space?

Image from news.bme.com

Woman transforms her facial scars with tattoo ink

Basma Sameed was accidentally burnt as a toddler with scolding hot oil and left severely scared.

After countless operations and cosmetic surgery, at the age of 16 her doctors told her there was nothing more they could do.

So she taught herself to tattoo and by matching the colour pigments of her face she has been able to transform her appearance.

Basma has now opened a clinic which offers other burn victims permanent make up. She pioneered the use of permanent cosmetics by practising on herself.


Images from www.huffingtonpost.co.uk and successfulwomentalk.com