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Do you want a Tattoo with your fries?

You thought he wouldn’t do it again, you were wrong!

Stian Ytterdahl, 18, from Norway, who got his McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his arm has outdone himself!

A week later he has had the receipt for the McDonald’s tattoo inked onto his other forearm! He’s gone supersize with this one!

He posted his new tattoo on his Facebook with the caption #yolo

Ytterdah told Norway’s Romerikes Blad newspaper that the first tattoo was just a joke between friends.
“Now I’m a living billboard, but I think it’s all just fun,” he said. “Maybe it won’t be as fun when I’m 50 or 60 years old, but that’s my choice.”

Think what he’d have to buy to have a receipt as a back piece?!



Street Spotting in London

While interning at Things&Ink I spied some cool tattoos and stopped the owners for a brief chat.With everyone rushing to wherever they were going, it was difficult to ask everyone lots of questions about their tattoos!

Things&Ink reader  Mia MaCauley, 20, art student in London on a college trip.
She often gets tattooed at conventions, her chest piece is by Billie at Afflecks  in Manchester.


Her favourite tattoo is this little creep by Jemma Jones at Raincity, Manchester


Louise Fury, 36, body piercer at Original Skin, London. Originally from America but she lives in London.

She had just had a six hour sitting on her back tattoo and I didn’t want to bother her too much, we all know how tiring getting tattooed can be!


Daniel Herridge, 34, Birmingham. In London with his girlfriend.

Jen, 30 and Bruno 35 Owners of Gypsy Stables Tattoo Emporium, London.


Have you spotted anyone out and about with tattoos?




Jungle Fever – Man sells tattooed skin on eBay

Tattoo Artist Artur Mrozowski has spent 300 hours getting his entire body inked with jaguar spots by his wife, Monika at their tattoo studio in Blackpool.

His obsession with the big cats doesn’t stop at his skin, as he goes by the name of Jaguar.

He has put his skin on eBay for a whopping £75k, but you can only claim your item once the wearer has died. He hopes that the money will help provide for his family… I can think of better ways… and thinks the price is worth the pain he has endured.  The listing has since been removed, but the bidding had reached £26.

He believes that his skin is a once in a lifetime opportunity for wealthy collectors, it will create the highest quality leather. He even states that it is in great condition due to his vegetarianism. Indeed there is a market for such oddities, with ‘legal’ human leather being sold in countries such as India. I am currently studying for a Masters degree in publishing, and I have come across book makers being asked to create bespoke books bound in tattooed human leather during my studies.

Also Amsterdam’s Tattoo Museum,  houses a small specimen of preserved human skin.

My boyfriend and I have joked before that if we were to lose a body part that was heavily tattooed, we’d possibly keep the limb, or find a way to preserve the skin, mainly due to the money and pain that went into creating each tattoo.

 Have you ever considered selling or preserving your tattooed skin? Let us know what you think by commenting below.




KMFDM Tour: A Lived Experience

KMFDM has been one of my favourite bands for more than 20 years, so getting the chance to see them live (again) and spend most of the day hanging out chatting about tattoos and music was wonderful fun.  On October 28th, I took the day off work, packed my camera bag and headed to Toronto, to the Phoenix Concert Theatre.  Kapt’n K, Jules, Andy and Steve, along with the crew and the opening band, CHANT, which that night was Bradley Bills alone (passport issues kept his bandmate in the US), were so lovely and a real joy to sit and share stories with.  Then there was the music … absolutely sublime.  Best birthday present EVER!

What you will find below are the complete transcripts of Jules, Andy, Steve and Bradley, on how tattoos have modified their lives. Listening to these guys tell stories is what inspired me to write about lived experience, since they so clearly demonstrated it.  At the bottom of the blog is a gallery of all the shots I took that day.  Click on the image to see it bigger and with some details.  I’ve also included some tattoo pics of KMFDM crew members David and Josh in the gallery as well.  It’s everything I couldn’t squeeze into my article (found in Things & Ink #6: The Modification Issue).  Enjoy!      ~Kimberly


-Jules Hodgson-

I came quite late to the tattoo game, so my first one wasn’t until 2000. A “tribal” on my right arm that was done in Japan by Permanent Mark. After its completion it was clear that I had gotten what looked like a tribal version of the old Kellogg’s corn flakes rooster. I’m in the process of having the covered up. The piece of flash on my upper right arm was done a year or two later at a shop in Tampa, FL while on tour with KMFDM. I recall Steve getting something done at the same time.

Next up was the glorious back piece that was done by my ex girlfriend who was apprenticing at a shop here in Seattle (where I live). I thought it would be novel to combine the”diamond” logo (Pig being the band that myself, Andy and Steve were in prior to joining KMFDM) with the fist symbol from the kmfdm “symbols” album. The addition of flames also seemed like a grand idea. The fact that she and I were in the process of splitting up and it was her first tattoo on something that wasn’t a grapefruit didn’t deter us from going ahead with the plan and the results speak for themselves!

The line work on my left arm is about 6 years old and I’ll complete the sleeve one day. It’s a bio-mechanical “twisted metal” thing that I’m sure is going to look amazing when I find the time and money to complete it. It was done by Jesse Roberts at Lucky Devil Tattoos in Seattle.

Most importantly, and most recently I’ve been covering up the “tribal chicken” with a more traditional roses and cobra sleeve. It’s a thinly disguised band tattoo – mine and Andy’s other band The Spittin’ Cobras. So as not to mislead your readers, it’s not industrial in any way. Think more punk/metal/hard-rock-n-roll. Sort of Motorhead vs AC/DC vs Judas Priest on PCP! How was that for a shameless plug? HaHa!

I’m really excited to get this finished. It’s being done by good friend Chani Murat, owner of Good Karma Tattoos in Edmonds, Washington. Every time we’d see each other she’d rib me about getting my tribal chicken covered up, so we got to it and started on my sleeve a wee while ago. Next up is going to be a heart and banner with my dog’s initials on my right wrist, and after that, who knows? Probably not another tribal chicken, though…


-Andy Selway-

I started getting tattooed at about age 14 or 15, at a tattoo shop in Ipswich, UK.  Me and a friend saved up lunch money, about £5 each, and went to this back alley shop.  These were little flash. Most are now covered over by other bigger tattoos. I had an uncle, one of my dad’s brothers – uncle Arthur – had a prison tattoo. Few playing cards on his arm. I saw them and I just wanted them.  Always wanted to fill up.

God, the early ones were awful, so needed to cover up and go bigger and bigger. Then just had to fill up the rest when the empty spaces were noticed. Once you fill arms, chest  and such, might as well do your back … and then you’re full.

Many are tour mementos – tattoos as tour souvenirs and band tributes (Swine, Pig, KMFDM, etc.) when tattoo artists are willing to do them for free.  My left forearm, this 3-headed purple thing was by a fan boy. Got it 2 days till end of the tour. Started it – 1.5hrs – immediately prior to going on and drumming – and 1.5hr after playing. Beyond painful.  You know Andy, Jules and I have been present for each others tattoos (most of them). Since 1997 or so we’ve been together (1996 he and Steve were in PIG, then Jules came in 1997).  I gotta mention these guys too, for my tattoos and other art:

  • Dan Gold, Astronaut guy on my arm, London Ink (Graffiti artist, Denmark)
  • Artist for cobra tattoos & Spittin’ Cobras band logo – Mark ‘Firehazzard’ Hodgkinson, he has a website and Facebook
  • Skunx Tattoo London, London, UK.  Nick Reid is close friend
  • Bones Lininger (my cobras tattoo) Fort Lauderdale, Bones Tattoos & Barbers (shop no longer exists?) – now an independent artist in Florida. I have plans to see him for a big back piece and some touch-up work on other tattoos
  • Kenny Dick (my knuckles) Lucky Seven tattoos, West Palm Beach, FL


-Steve White-

So, briefly I suppose living and growing up in London UK in the 80′s I wasn’t aware of Tattoo art, as virtually nobody had anything other than the odd prison/ school yard pin and ink (cue Skinheads with a spider’s web and tear on their faces). The art hadn’t really developed as it has today, so apart from the odd aged roadie or biker at a rock festival there were no peers.

When Jules, Andy and I toured the US in ’97 as Pig supporting KMFDM we became more aware of the advanced US development of Tat Art . We wore suits onstage in those days so we were protected from revealing our virgin flesh. Andy,  I remember, had a couple of coloured scabs that he insisted were Tats and he eventually had a tour tat that turned sceptic and peeled. Not a particularly enticing experience for Jules and I so we didn’t give them much more thought. Eventually it became apparent to me that this tour was fast becoming the time of my life and the only fitting memento would be an indelible one… A few years later and now on tour as KMFDM , it didn’t take us long to find a keen fan boy artist in Tampa to deliver our first ink. I rushed the decision and chose some colourful flash. He proceeded, while I gently snoozed, to choose olive-green as the only hue his colour blindness could register. I awoke from the tour fatigue and the gentle stabbing of the needle (quite a soporific experience despite what others warned ) to find a large bloody, verdant smudge on my upper arm. However, despite my disappointment at the shoddy needle – work, I gushed like a teenager onstage that evening, with my cellophane, bandaged arm, dripping and bloody a true rock ‘n roll badge of honour. Not one known for succumbing to peer pressure, I felt I had captured the essence of my foreign adventure and never missed a photo opportunity to show it off.. Ha!  What did I care if it more resembled a piss stain on my Khaki pants than a multi-coloured, fire-breathing Dragon?

These days teenagers with full sleeves and full chest pieces (and that’s just the women), have made me a little more wary, not to mention the huge hourly rate increases due to said popularity. However I’ve collected a few and still catch myself staring longingly at others ink and I feel good to be part of the experience . But unless we start selling truck loads of records again or that colour-blind fan boy from Tampa calls me, that will be all for now …


-Bradley Bills-

It definitely enriched my life experiences for the better. As a musician, it’s always wonderful to share the experience of writing music with another musician, so likewise, as an artist or even a human who loves art – when you get tattooed, you are sharing that art experience with the artist in a very open, intimate, and personal way – especially if it is custom art and represents something of deep meaning in your life – like my larger pieces (the Dragon and the Whale). But, another great thing about tattooing and art is that it doesn’t ‘HAVE’ to be all serious and full of deep meaning. Art is FUN, and like the silly anchor I have on the back of my leg, it was a fun and liberating experience to run get something with some friends so we had something to share. If I never got ‘inked’ then that would be fine, but then I wouldn’t have these experiences.

For ‘Tattoo credits’ – here are the shops and artists in Austin, TX who worked on my big pieces:





It’s a love thing #TheLoveIssue #Thingsandink

It’s time to reveal our issue 3 cover star of Things and Ink magazine…

The beautiful Rachel Baldwin stars as Little Red Riding Hood, inspired by one of her most famous tattoos… Read more about it in a full interview with Rachel in the magazine.

Get your copy now thingsandink.com/buy.

The love issue cover

Photographer: Stella Morais
Makeup: Keely Reichardt
Hair: Eleanor Robyn
Photo retouching: Lydia Rayner
Cover design: James Gilyead 

And here’s the behind the scenes video by Papercut Pictures. Music by NOFX, as Rachel is a huge fan (see tattoo on Rachel’s arm…)

Things and Ink Cover Shoot (Issue Three) from Papercut Pictures on Vimeo.

If you missed out on issue 1 and 2, you can also purchase them online at thingsandink.com/buy

Disney Tattoos; When You Wish Upon a Star

Disney tattoos are finding their place in the world of ink once again. I remember being a kid, and seeing the popularity of Winnie the Pooh tattoos amongst women my mum’s age, but now they’ve taken on a whole new level.

Maybe their popularity now is due to the young women that were once the target audience of films like Beauty and the Beast, and the Lion King when they were released, and now trying to re-capture the magic felt when we watched them for the first time. Don’t we all know the words to every Disney song ever?

People deal with their love for Disney in many ways – I have a cat named Marie, from the Aristocats, but others lay down their love in a more permanent fashion.

Artists like Beau, a relatively new tattoo artist based in Manchester are tattooing their own interpretations of Disney-love; from the tattooed Little Mermaid, to sleeves dedicated to Duchess. Most of Beau’s work seems to be taken directly from the animated films, which I feel is the best way to cement our disney love.

I asked Beau why she enjoys giving people Disney tattoos, she said, “why I do it…. I simply love Disney, always have, I collect alot of Disney memorabilia, and it’s probably the highlight of every kid’s childhood. No one ever gets bored of Disney. Other passion is tattoos obviously, so combining them both made sense. The girlier and fluffier the better!”

Other artists that are always creating Disney sketches and tattoos include Keely Rutherford, based out of East Side Tattoo in London. Like Beau and other artists who enjoy tattooing Disney, her emphasis is on the girly side of Disney, although she includes Donald and Daisy Duck in her work – characters that aren’t usually included in the girl category which is usually dominated by Disney Princesses, but their work all seems to include frills and lace and love hearts.

They add their own traditional tattoo spin on the classic Disney motif.  

My all-time favourite Disney tattoo has to be the sleeve created for (amazing) artist Jenna Yekic by Paul Marino. Although it isn’t yet finished, Paul has taken some of Jenna’s favourite Disney films and created the scenes in her skin. So far 101 Dalmatians, Bambi and Snow White are forever on her person!

Would you get a Disney Tattoo? What would you want?

Look out for a very special Disney-inspired tattoo in the 3rd issue of Things & Ink, released in May. 

Thomas Hooper’s tattooed twins – Jordan and Caleb

Jordan and Caleb Jordan and Caleb


I love matching tattoos – and I adore these identical twins (Jordan and Caleb Kilby) who have been tattooed by Thomas Hooper.

Thomas Hooper tattooed twins

Tattoos: Thomas Hooper
Photos: Richard Ballard, Damon Allen Davison

I discovered these tattooed twins because of an article by Dr Matt Lodder Tattoo you and me? Body art can be good to share.


The story of the buddy tattoo by Christina Owen

New guest blog post from Christina Owen featuring the cutest little Russian doll tattoos I have ever seen…here is the story of Christina and Jess’s matching tattoos.

Christina and Jess Christina and Jess


My friend Jess and I live a couple of hundred miles apart. She lives in Cardiff, I live in London. We work busy schedules and we don’t get to see each other much. We also both love tattoos and don’t take ourselves too seriously. So when I found time to go and see Jess for a couple of days in June, we decided the best course of action would be to get matching tattoos, for no other reason than because we are great friends, and because it will remind us that we’re always there, even though most of the time we’re, er…not.

It’s common for couples to get matching tattoos, but what about the ‘buddy tattoo’ (I may have just coined that phrase…)? When Lord of the Rings finished filming in 2002, the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring got matching Elvish tattoos. Earlier this year, Adele and Joy Williams from The Civil Wars got a tiny matching friend tattoo after being on tour together.

Our friends mean the world to us. And we express that in different ways. Jess and I chose a little, girly Russian Doll tattoo, for no other reason than because we LIKED it (and that’s reason enough). Some of our friends shook their heads at us and called us silly, but to us (and to every girl out there who loves tattoos and is comfortable in her own – colourful – skin) it made perfect sense.

Tasha Pollendine

Jess headed to Physical Graffiti in Cardiff and spoke to Tasha Pollendine, whose cute and colourful style of tattoos we had looked up online and loved. Tasha drew us a pair of gorgeous pink matching dolls based on a picture Jess showed her. All that was left was for me to take the National Express to Cardiff and for us both to jump in the chair…

Photo inspiration The original inspiration

Photo: etsystatic.com

Russian doll drawing The stencils


While we had our tattoos done, we both chatted to Tasha who was easygoing, friendly, patient and very talented. I grilled her, interview-style on how, why and when she got into tattooing, and made her snort with laughter and have to stop tattooing me at one stage, when I asked her if she’s ever sneezed and accidentally drawn a huge ink line down someone’s arm (probably better not to put a tattoo artist off like that when they are making permanent marks on your skin, guys). The atmosphere in the shop was relaxed, and we spent a fun couple of hours talking to the other tattoo artists and customers. Jess and I chose to have our tattoos in different places on our bodies (a nod to our own individual personalities) – she chose the back of her left ankle and I chose the back of my right upper arm.



Christina under the needle

I’m back in London now, and don’t know when I’ll see Jess next. But I now have mini-Jess on my arm to remind me that distance doesn’t really matter – good friends will always make time for one another.


Russian doll friendship tattoo

I think that Mini-Jess is definitely the cutest tattoo in my collection so far. Thanks Tasha – I’m sure I’ll be back to get tattooed by you again!

The matching ink


The final Saira Hunjan locket tattoo

I spotted this beautiful tattoo by Saira Hunjan at the Brighton Tattoo Convention in January.

Saira Hunjan chest piece
Unfinished Saira Hunjan chest piece

As beautiful as it is in this state, the tattoo was not quite finished. Today, I found the finished piece on Saira’s website and it’s even more stunning.

Locket tattoo for Jasmin
The piece was based on a locket and it was for Jasmine.

I would love an intricate tattoo like this in the future…