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Unlock your phone with your tattoo

Watch this short video to see new technology that allows you to unlock your smart phone with a digital temporary tattoo.

The ‘tattoo’ stays on the wearer’s skin for five days once it has been stuck on. It has been created to work exclusively with Motorola’s Moto X Smartphone and is on sale in America for $10.

Chapman Brothers’ Tattoo Parlour

“There will be pain. Pain and blood.”

Jake and Dinos Chapman hope to raise £25,000 through Art Fund and their crowd-funding website Art Happens to open a tattoo art project at the Jerwood Gallery.

Those who donate can help bring the brothers back to their home town of Hastings, where their new art exhibition will be on display. Not only will the brother’s be painting over old junk shop finds, but they are encouraging the public to bring in art from their homes for the brothers to update with paint.

Jake and Dinos are also opening a pop-up tattoo parlour in the gallery, in which they will reward those who donated with specially-designed tattoos turning them into walking one-off pieces of art.

The original idea was to have Dinos tattooing in a wooden box, the victim – or lucky customer – would stick their arm through a hole in the box where it would be strapped down, totally hidden from site. Dinos would tattoo a design of his choosing onto their arm and on removal from the hole the recipient would see their new tattoo. Fortunately this idea was dismissed on health and safety grounds by Frieze Art Fair.

Chapman brothers tattoo design


Neither one of the brothers has any formal training and Jake’s forearm is covered with blue scribbles done by Dinos.

He isn’t very good, and he really dug in with the needle – it was very painful.

Will you be donating? Would you let someone tattoo a mystery design on your skin?




Chapman Brothers quoted from The Guardian
Images from The Guardian and www.blouinartinfo.com

The Blackwork King

We are in awe of the dedication and time spent to create this piece. This blackwork project on tattoo artist Punctum Kay, Austria was created by Gerhard Wiesbeck.

Tattoo artist Punctum Kay designed all of the main black work himself.  Gerhard Wiesbeck tattooed the whole body, but he only designed the psychedelic dot work chest portion of the suit.

What do you think of black work? Incredibly powerful or wasting valuable tattoo space?

Image from news.bme.com

Woman transforms her facial scars with tattoo ink

Basma Sameed was accidentally burnt as a toddler with scolding hot oil and left severely scared.

After countless operations and cosmetic surgery, at the age of 16 her doctors told her there was nothing more they could do.

So she taught herself to tattoo and by matching the colour pigments of her face she has been able to transform her appearance.

Basma has now opened a clinic which offers other burn victims permanent make up. She pioneered the use of permanent cosmetics by practising on herself.


Images from www.huffingtonpost.co.uk and successfulwomentalk.com

Mum tattoos her 12 year old daughter

Anna Yates, 29 from North Carolina has been arrested for tattooing her 12 year old daughter.

In defence of her arrest, she states; “that’s my child, and I’m allowed to do what I want”.

This is not the first time Anna Yates has tattooed without a license or any form of training, she regularly inks herself and friends. The tattoo in question is a heart on her daughter’s arm, tattooed onto her for religious reasons.

The mum was charged with tattooing a person under 18, but she insists she has a right to tattoo her own child.

“It healed fine. It’s there for life and she doesn’t regret it,” said Yates. “She’s a good child. She does very well in school, and I feel she deserved it.”

Yates quoted from www.charlotte.twcnews.com

Image from www.wsoctv.com

The nipple artist

The Nipple Artist: A video collaboration between The New York Times and POV showcases one woman’s search for nipples

The five-minute documentary tells the tale of writer Caitlin Kieran’s journey to a tattoo studio in Finksburg to have the illusion of real nipples tattooed on her body.

Tattoo artist Vinnie Myers has left behind his career in traditional tattooing and now specialises in nipple areola tattooing, which he has been doing for over ten years. Vinnie creates a three dimensional ‘normal’ looking nipple after women’s mastectomy or reconstructive surgery.  He helps many women to reclaim their breasts, and love themselves again after their battle with cancer.

Surgeons also offer nipple tattoos during reconstructions but having seen these ‘round and red’ ‘pepperoni slices’, Caitlin decided to travel across America to have custom coloured subtly shaded nipples.

Watch the video here 

‘I am so thrilled with the result. I feel great, I feel physically normal, I actually feel like my body looks better now than it did before. I know I’m never going to be the woman I was, but I feel like now I’m better.’

Caitlin quoted from The New York Times Blog and images from POV Blog




Tattooist and the Tattooed, An Exhibition in Paris

From the origins of body art 3,000 years ago to contemporary artwork, a new Paris exhibition from HEY magazine and tattoo artist Tin-Tin charts the history and significance of tattoos throughout civilization.

Tatoueurs Tatoues runs from 6 May 2014  until 18 October 2015 at the  Musée du Quai Branly37 Quai Branly, 75007 Paris.

The exhibition is curated by journalists Julien and Anne, and includes photographs, tools, skulls and pieces of tattooed human skin.

“Tattooing is part of the common heritage of most of humanity, we wanted to do this exhibition for a long time because we feel it’s important to show that tattooing has a real history and is a pure product of humanity. There’s not a place in the world where mankind has been that has not used tattooing … It’s both artisan and artistic. In the past there was a fear of tattoos and people would hide them. Today attitudes have changed. People used to do it because they wanted to identify themselves as different to make a statement, but today it’s become fashionable and the opposite holds true. People want to be different so they don’t want tattoos.” Julien.

The exhibition explores the art of tattooing from around the world and maps the tattoo revolution. From traditional styles and techniques to the more mainstream and trendy ideas of tattooing.

All images from Vogue Hommes International 

Do you want a Tattoo with your fries?

You thought he wouldn’t do it again, you were wrong!

Stian Ytterdahl, 18, from Norway, who got his McDonald’s receipt tattooed on his arm has outdone himself!

A week later he has had the receipt for the McDonald’s tattoo inked onto his other forearm! He’s gone supersize with this one!

He posted his new tattoo on his Facebook with the caption #yolo

Ytterdah told Norway’s Romerikes Blad newspaper that the first tattoo was just a joke between friends.
“Now I’m a living billboard, but I think it’s all just fun,” he said. “Maybe it won’t be as fun when I’m 50 or 60 years old, but that’s my choice.”

Think what he’d have to buy to have a receipt as a back piece?!



Street Spotting in London

While interning at Things&Ink I spied some cool tattoos and stopped the owners for a brief chat.With everyone rushing to wherever they were going, it was difficult to ask everyone lots of questions about their tattoos!

Things&Ink reader  Mia MaCauley, 20, art student in London on a college trip.
She often gets tattooed at conventions, her chest piece is by Billie at Afflecks  in Manchester.


Her favourite tattoo is this little creep by Jemma Jones at Raincity, Manchester


Louise Fury, 36, body piercer at Original Skin, London. Originally from America but she lives in London.

She had just had a six hour sitting on her back tattoo and I didn’t want to bother her too much, we all know how tiring getting tattooed can be!


Daniel Herridge, 34, Birmingham. In London with his girlfriend.

Jen, 30 and Bruno 35 Owners of Gypsy Stables Tattoo Emporium, London.


Have you spotted anyone out and about with tattoos?