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Clash Dolly tattoos

Get your tat outName: Ami Volkert, Clash Dolly, London

Clash dolly Ami
Clash Dolly Ami

What do you do?
I run a vintage stall called Clash Dolly on Brick Lane Market, I also do freelance styling.

Eyes on the prize
Eyes on the prize
Mermaid back tattoo

What got you into tattoos and what was your first tattoo?
I looked at heavily tattooed people and really liked what I saw. I always knew I wanted a big tattoo, but just wasn’t sure what I wanted and wasn’t brave enough. So to start with I got some little tattoos, which have now been covered over, thank god. My first big piece was the mermaid on my back.

What inspires you?
Street art and street style, I love clashing different cultures and styles, I think this inspiration comes from growing up in London. I love mixing Indian style clothes and accessories with ’90s street style.
In terms of tattoo inspiration I liked the war-time pictures in my Nan’s house and images of ladies, haha, I like women.

Dancer on legWho would you like to get tattooed by?
Saira Hunjan, I love her Indian style.

Love Doll tattoo
Love Doll

Have you got anything else planned?
I think I want a different style from my other tattoos, maybe some henna-style tattoos on my legs and feet. I love clashing different styles in clothing and this carries through to my tattoo style too. I really like dot work, e.g. Xed LeHead.

Do you have a favourite tattoo?
I love my mermaid, it’s by Silvia Zed. She does amazing portraits, she works at Lal Hardy‘s shop, New Wave Tattoo.

Do your tattoos have meanings?
They do to me, but it’s hard to explain them in words, I like to keep things to myself.  People don’t always get it and it’s nice little feeling for me, I’ll let other people take what they want from them.

Lady tattooTake a look at Ami’s website: www.clashdolly.com

Photos: Olivia Snape

Keeping beautiful art alive – Cris Cleen.

Cris Cleen Works from Cris Cleen on Vimeo.

Documentary short – Cris Cleen.

Cris Cleen Cris Cleen – painter and tattooist

Cris Cleen is a tattoo artist who has been tattooing for nine years. His tattoo style is “turn of the century” and “European influenced.” In this beautiful short documentary, filmed and edited by Andreas Tagger, Cleen talks passionately about creating a world of beautiful things and keeping beautiful art alive. Cleen explains the way he feels about the “tattoo experience”, as close-ups of his paintings and tattoos are filmed with a soundtrack that compliments the art perfectly by Dirty Peaches.

To explore his amazing portfolio of tattoos go to criscleen.com

Cris cleen tattoo This tattoo encompasses everything Cleen loves in a tattoo.


Cris cleen painting Beautiful art

Adventure bound

So, at the beginning of September I am venturing into the scary world of freelance.

I am excited, scared and also a little sad about leaving my job. I have been in my current job for almost four years and I have made some amazing friends and gained a huge amount of experience. However, times must change, I am ready for a new adventure…

Adventure bound tattoo
Adventure bound

Photo: octopirider.tumblr

Everything is ink

Everything is Illuminated – the tattoos.

Everything is illuminated tattoo
"the beginning of the world often comes"
Everything is illuminated tattoo
Inspired by the Jonathan Safran Foer novel.
Stencils for Foer tattoo
Beautiful artwork by Christel Perkins

Photos: beginningoftheworldhascomeoften (artwork by Christel Perkins)

Let love write on you tattoo
Let love write on you
Let love write on you tattoo2
Let love write on you for awhile

Photos: www.contrariwise.org

Get your tat out – Hackney WickED

Get your tat out

Location: Hackney WickED art festival, Hackney Wick.

This is the lovely Lucie with her beautiful tattoos – spotted enjoying a drink at the bar at Hackney WickED.

Bow tattoo
Beautiful bow
Pocketwatch tattoo
Stop the clocks for this pocket watch
Pocket watch tattoo
Beautiful pocket watch tattoo
Padlock and key feet tattoos
Under padlock and key
Padlock tattoo with flowers
Padlock and flowers
Fan tattoo
I am very jealous of this beautiful fan tattoo. I want it.
Bird and cage tattoo
Birds and cage

Lucie is definitely my new tattoo crush.