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An apology.

My beautiful blog and my dearest readers.

This is an apology, you have been neglected and for this I am truly sorry. I promise to make it up to you with an abundance of beautiful pictures and blog posts. Please let me know how I can make it up to you? (I will do *almost* anything).

Much inked love
Alice Th’ink

PS. This collection of love imagery is a representation of the love I have for you – obviously not just because they are pretty and I want the tattoos. Enjoy.

cassette loveLove you moreje t'aimebird lovePhotos: source unknown

If Adam tattooed Eve…

Feature girl: Eve (@evebeebee)
8:30-5, Monday to Friday she is an Accountant, the rest of the time she is a tattooed vintage pirate barbie doll, now she is my latest tattoo crush.


“I got my first tattoo when I was 22. Maybe a little late to start but I’ve seen so many awful tattoos; ill thought out and a 16-year-old’s fad, done in a dodgy parlour. I wanted to be sure what I was getting and where I was going…I’ve always tried to be a little ‘different’, be it with clothes or hair (it has been known to be bright pink). Tattoos were a natural progression for expressing myself and my individuality…As an accountant I would hate to live up to the ‘boring’ stereotype, but I think I manage to remove myself somewhere far from it…”

Join me on her tattoo countdown

Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind
Pin-up Girl
Vargas inspired

Number 1 - “the line of music on my foot. It’s actually a line from the Rolling Stones song Ruby Tuesday. I drew it out myself from the actual sheet music, you could use my foot as a score if I put it on a music stand! The notes as apposed to the lyrics add my own individual flair.
Tattoo by Rich at Underground Tattoo, in Walsall.”

Number two - “the pin up girl on my ribs by Mark at Midlands Tattoo Centre, in Cannock. By this point tattoos are becoming a slight addiction. I love the old style pin-up girl artists such as Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas. This was completely inspired by Vargas’ calendar pin-up drawing, December girl from 1944.”

Love Hate
Twisted stereotype


Three and four - “my wrists. This was more for ironic amusement than anything. I always find it funny when you tell people you have tattoos, reactions tend to be ‘at least you don’t have love and hate across your knuckles!’ My response now is ‘Well no…but I do have it on my wrists!’ It’s in script so not ‘obvious’ unless you look properly.”


 Number five - “I originally wanted a peacock, but I couldn’t find a picture I liked. I wanted its tail swooping around my back. My tattooist Mark found a picture of a phoenix and I loved it, so it evolved from there. It is about 95% complete, with just a little bit more work on the tail needed.”

Pain like a thorn

Number six – “(My final for now at least), the rose on the back of my neck, this hurt a lot! My boyfriend will be getting the same tattoo but in blue. We’ll have a matching set!”

Eve. You’re my inspiration, I am totally tattoo crushing on you.

The missing piece.


ClaireFeature girl: Claire Loughlin (Claybles)

jigsaw 2


“The jigsaw piece is representative of the fact that life is a learning curve and that no matter how much we learn there is always a bit missing. It’s reflective of the fact that at this point in my life I’m still searching for that missing piece, whether it be knowledge or someone to fill that gap.”

The tattoo is by Tommy at Wallington Tattoo. I am assured that Claire has lots more ink so she will feature again very soon…

The day of the phantom tweet.

Dear Diary

It all began with one random tweet…

I have scoured the inner-most workings of my little ink-filled brain and I still cannot comprehend how it all happened. One sunny day in London, walking to Looby’s house, a beautiful sunny, if slightly chilly, day – one of those days that feels full to the brim of unlocked potential and wonder. My phone is happily tucked inside my handbag, my fur-coat is wrapped up around my earlobes and I am about to call on Looby, so that we can make our way to the Brighton Tattoo Convention (as I had informed you all I would).

I knocked on her door and made myself comfy on her couch waiting for her to finish preening herself in preparation for the day’s events. I got my phone out – as you do in Matt Lodderthese sort of situations. I gasped in horror as my – new still don’t know how to lock/work it – BlackBerry displays a tweet. One single tweet – a tweet that I did not write. The tweet in question had even managed to tag one man in it. One man – one man that I did not wish to mention in said single tweet. This man just happened to be the one tattooed art historian who I have previously described as my “ideal man”. I may have even swooned at some point in the sentence. Bloody twitter *swoons*.

@mattlodder Liv u by want do a bang thing

This is the tweet and how it tweeted I am quite certain I shall never be sure. So after this I thought the day could hold no more horrors. Things can only get better and all that. How wrong could I possibly be? Myself and Looby arrive at London Bridge station ready to board the high speed to Brighton, must point out that is already around 4pm by this point. So, we get in the queue for tickets only to be informed that we would have to catch a rail replacement bus, oh bugger! This just ain’t gonna work for us. After much deliberation, tears and tantrums (from me not Looby I hasten to add) we come to an *almost* unanimous decision to go to the pub instead. By this point I need wine (and cigs).

so upset that my arm gets inked with a grumpy face.

Off we trot with the waifs and strays we have managed to collect along the way (a boyfriend and his brother and his girlfriend). In the pub the drunken chat, as ever, turns to childhood dreams, jobs and tattoos we always wanted. It was revealed that one of us (I mention no names) wanted a snowflake and a ladder tattoo. We wittered on about best tattoos to symbolise our jobs, i.e. stock market numbers from the Financial Times, globes, books and trains (am sure you can pick out jobs to match). So the day didn’t quite pan out as I had initially hoped, however it was fun and it does provide me with another amusing anecdote in the days and life of Alice Th’ink.

But please, please, pretty please can someone fill me in on exactly what I missed? Thanks muchly.

And here are some of my fave photos from the day stolen from those of you who are more wise than I.

Photos: facebook

Photos: Tom Chambers

Lots of love
Alice Th’ink