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Sailor Jerry Anthem

Sailor Jerry rum is all about three things: spiced Caribbean rum, tattoos and music.

The rum is made in the name of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins – the undisputed father of old-school tattooing.

To celebrate the last 10 years of Sailor Jerry rum, they’ve put together a short film featuring clips of a few of the gigs, events and backyard barbecues they’ve held over the years. Look out for exclusive footage from WWII-era Honolulu taken from the Hori Smoku documentary on the life of the original Sailor Jerry and clips of The Black Lips live.

The film is set to the iconic 1979 punk track Where Eagles Dare by The Misfits. Like Sailor Jerry himself, The Misfits are independent spirits united in the fierce protection of their legacy. They have never before allowed their work to be used commercially, until now, testament to the band’s shared ethos with Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins himself.

Enjoy, I think this film is ace.

Also check out the Old School for Girls article in the launch issue of Things&Ink, it is inspired by the pin-up imagery created by Sailor Jerry himself.

Also have a flick through our album on Facebook of photos from the Things&Ink launch party, the night was sponsored by Sailor Jerry so, as you can imagine, we all got pretty messy. The photos say it all really…

Old school for girls