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Things and Ink – the launch issue cover

Claudia de Sabe as Artoria Gibbons

Things and Ink Claudia De Sabe cover Launch Issue – Claudia De Sabe as Artoria Gibbons


Making the cover.
The cover for the launch issue of Things and Ink encapsulates everything that the magazine stands for. Things and Ink is a magazine that celebrates female tattoo culture, both current and historical. And female tattoo artist of the moment, Claudia De Sabe, is posing as Artoria Gibbons, one of the original tattooed ladies.

Artoria Gibbons

Artoria the tattooed girl worked in circus side shows in the 1920s.

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Photographer: Kristy Nobel
Makeup: Miss Honey Bare
Hair: Lucie Luella
Dress: Night Feather Headdress: B Millinery
Design: Oliver Campbell and Antonella Bordone
Behind the scenes footage coming soon from Papercut Pictures