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Brighton Tattoo Convention Fun

Yep, it’s almost here. Three days until the Brighton Tattoo Convention – plus it’s Valentine’s weekend, so we’re really feeling the love.


Venue details
The 7th Brighton Tattoo Convention
15th/16th February 2014
Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel

Opening times
11am-2am Saturday and Sunday
Plus there’s a pre-convention party from 8pm – 2am on Friday night… so hopefully see some of you at The Sailor Jerry bar, where they will be serving Sailor Jerry rum cocktails, including Hell Fires, Backyard Lemonades and Heavy Punch.

Here’s some photos of the fun from last year…

Rum Cocktails <3


And here’s makeup artist Keely and I on the stand last year… when we only had two issues of Things&Ink on sale, but at this year’s Brighton convention, we will be launching issue 6! Crazy, crazy… Come get your copy from our stand…


Things and Ink stand from last year Things and Ink stand from last year


See you at the bar? If not, make sure you take advantage of our sale, 25% of The Modification Issue and all subscriptions until Monday 17 February, thingsandink.com, or from Newsstand.

The Modification Issue starring Grace Neutral is out now and we will celebrate in Brighton

Happy New Year to our amazing readers from the team at Things&Ink

The Things&Ink family would like to take this time to say thanks to all of our amazing readers for their support over the past year, we love you <3 Here’s to another amazing year of embracing female tattoo culture, 2014 is going to be good and we hope to meet as many of you as possible at conventions and other tattoo events.

Things and Ink happy new year

The Celebration Issue is out now, thingsandink.com

Issue 5 – The Celebration Issue cover revealed! Tiny Miss Becca and Amy Savage

Things&Ink the celebration issue 5 Time to party with two of the tattoo world’s leading ladies, Amy Savage and Tiny Miss Becca


It’s nearly Christmas, and we have just celebrated our first birthday, so we decided to throw a party of two of our favourite tattoo artists – Amy Savage and Tiny Miss Becca. And we adore the latest cover of Things&Ink, which captures the essence of celebration perfectly. Oh and who can resist a rainbow cake?

Check out the celebration issue, on sale Friday 6 December, for an interview with Becca and Amy of Jayne Doe Tattoo, plus lots more beautiful photos and tattoo inspiration. thingsandink.com

Photography by Stuart McCarthy
Assisted by Gideon Marshall
Hair and make-up by Keely Reichardt
Styling by Olivia Snape
Cover design by James Gilyead

Extract from interview with Tracy D #theartissue

Tattoo artist Tracy D works at King’s Cross Tattoo in London, UK. Here’s an extract from her interview in The Art Issue of Things&Ink magazine. To buy a copy and see the full interview, go to thingsandink.com

Photographer: Heather Shuker, assisted by James Sheen-Stevens
Make-up: Keely Reichardt
Styling: Olivia Snape
Headress: Gypsy East
Hair: Eleanor Robyn

Tracy D as Ophelia


How would you describe your style?

I do a lot of, what I guess would be described as, traditional and neo-traditional work. But I am eager to expand and learn as much as I can about different ways and styles of tattooing. I am just really enjoying what I am getting asked to tattoo at the moment – art nouveau-style tattoos and beautiful feminine pieces. That could always change though, you just never know what the future holds.

Tracy D tattoo

What is your favourite tattoo you’ve worked on?

When Things&Ink editor, Alice, asked me to create her a tattoo to mark a celebration of this issue and also the first year of the magazine, I was thrilled. She gave me the freedom to create a piece just for her and it was a dream come true. She didn’t limit me with space or colour, or anything at all, so I was excited to take parts of three of my favourite Rossetti paintings, ‘A Sea Spell’ (1875-7), ‘A Roman Widow’ (1874) and ‘Sibylla Palmifera’ (1865 70). My main influences were the use of colour, the extravagance of flowers, poppies denoting sleep, butterflies referring to the soul, the use of musical instruments, as well as the strength and beauty of the women depicted in each painting – just heavenly. Each piece is just divinely perfect, in my opinion. I don’t think I have ever been more in my element when working on a piece, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to do more designs influenced by my favourite movement.


Things&Ink The Art Issue – what’s inside

The art issue with Tracy DThe art issue cover is inspired by Millais’ iconic artwork, Ophelia, with tattoo artist Tracy D. Within the magazine are more fantastic recreations of iconic fine art work with a “tattoo twist,” along with art historical commentary from Doctor Matt Lodder.

the art issue things and ink Contents Contents page, click on image to enlarge


The Art Issue covers tricky topics, such as tattoo etiquette (when does inspiration turn into copying?), and tattoos as art. Amongst its glorious pages sits interviews with the iconic Angelique Houtkamp and Guen Douglas, and the relationship between artist and tattoo artist is explored in an exclusive interview with Jack Vettriano and Mo Coppoletta. It also features work from Benjamin Laukis and Andrea Furci.


Buy your copy online from Newsstand 

Issue 3 of Things & Ink – the love issue

The love issue cover spread

Issue 3 –The Love Issue – is all about love, in all its glorious forms. It explores love between lovers, friends and family, passion and romance throughout history. Paralleling love as an emotion with a love for tattoos.

Take a look at the contents page  –   too much inspiration The love issue things and ink contents

Highlights include beauty product reviews, including Uzuri, an interview with the Bronx, a real-life feature on tattooed and non-tattooed partners – exclusively featuring Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride – and interviews with iconic tattoo artists including Rebecca Vincent, Steve Vinall, Charissa Gregson and Aimeè Cornwell and her father Mark. It also features a story by Lady Steel, a feature on the adorable kewpie, Artoria Gibbons’ love story, by Amelia Klem Osterud, and editor Alice’s brand new Beauty and the Beast inspired tattoo, by Steve Vinall.

And, of course, an in-depth interview with cover star Rachel Baldwin about her life and loves.

Get your copy now http://thingsandink.com/

The fabulous Mo Deeley. Superstar.

Mo Deeley Mo Deeley.


I met the amazing Mo Deeley, from Maltby, Rotherham, at the London Tattoo Convention last year. I fell in love with her. Her attitude, her looks, her gorgeous tattoos. I knew we had to do a shoot with her for Things & Ink and find out her story.

She was a star on shoot day. It was freezing cold in the north of England, but her positive attitude and can-do spirit never faltered.

Here’s some behind the scenes snaps from the shoot by the talented Heather Shuker. Mo even whipped out a tattoo she had done of the launch issue cover. Wow, now that’s dedication to the love of Things & Ink. What a woman.

Read her full interview and take a look at the fabulous pictures in The Face Issue. You can buy from the website thingsandink.com and check out a full list of stockists.

Things and ink tattoo The launch issue cover on Mo’s thigh


About to be beautified About to be beautified Hair by Andy Masson


Sailor Jerry Anthem

Sailor Jerry rum is all about three things: spiced Caribbean rum, tattoos and music.

The rum is made in the name of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins – the undisputed father of old-school tattooing.

To celebrate the last 10 years of Sailor Jerry rum, they’ve put together a short film featuring clips of a few of the gigs, events and backyard barbecues they’ve held over the years. Look out for exclusive footage from WWII-era Honolulu taken from the Hori Smoku documentary on the life of the original Sailor Jerry and clips of The Black Lips live.

The film is set to the iconic 1979 punk track Where Eagles Dare by The Misfits. Like Sailor Jerry himself, The Misfits are independent spirits united in the fierce protection of their legacy. They have never before allowed their work to be used commercially, until now, testament to the band’s shared ethos with Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins himself.

Enjoy, I think this film is ace.

Also check out the Old School for Girls article in the launch issue of Things&Ink, it is inspired by the pin-up imagery created by Sailor Jerry himself.

Also have a flick through our album on Facebook of photos from the Things&Ink launch party, the night was sponsored by Sailor Jerry so, as you can imagine, we all got pretty messy. The photos say it all really…

Old school for girls

Cover shoot – issue one Things and Ink

So here is a little taster of the photo shoot for the cover of issue one of Things and Ink. I can’t wait to reveal who was sitting on this chair.

Chair for photo shoot

And inside this bag is a beautiful creation by Night Feather

Dress under wraps

The grand unveiling of the cover will be very soon…

Top photo: Kristy Noble