Apology to Th’ink followers and my new ink

I just need to say a massive sorry for neglecting Th’ink over the past month. Things have been pretty hectic. Things&Ink, the new magazine I have been working on for the past six months has now gone to print, so it’s time to show my blog some love again.

Although, I have been very busy over the past month, finalising the beautiful pages of the magazine with a very talented bunch of people, I did find the time the time to get tattooed by the talented Tracy D of King’s Cross Tattoo Parlour.

And here it is, the beautiful addition to my vintage arm, this lovely vintage perfume bottle. 

Vintage perfume bottle tattoo

And here is a sneaky peak at the contents page of the launch issue of Things&Ink magazine. Hope you like the look of it…

Contents page things and ink

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