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If you haven’t already spotted it on the cover of Issue 8 – The Illustration Issue – we have changed our strapline. Independent, Tattoo, Lifestyle is our new ethos. And we hope it is a more inclusive one…

We didn’t set up the magazine to exclude men, and male tattoo artists, we want to remain all-compassing and reflect this in our marketing. The tagline ‘Embracing Female Tattoo Culture’ was set up to say: “we’re here to appreciate the art, not objectify the person wearing it.” It wasn’t ever really intended to say: “female only!”

We feature both men and women, and strive to produce content that can be enjoyed by all – gender is irrelevant. So the old strapline has served its purpose and it’s time to move on and continue to open our pages to men and women all over the world. We also wanted people to know that we are an independent magazine, unruled by the restraints of a publisher. The magazine is also much more than just a print magazine, it’s a lifestyle and a community.

What do you think? What do the new and old straplines say to you?

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  2. Matt

    I like the new tagline, but I love your magazine. I’ve been reading it since you started – Things & Ink is the only tattoo mag I regularly buy. I love the range and quality of articles, along with the other elements of magazine construction (photography, illustration, typography, etc). I am not put off by the focus on female tattoo culture and don’t feel like the subject matter is irrelevant to me or that the topics don’t apply to me. Don’t feel you have to start evening the balance – there’s plenty of other magazines catering to male tattoo culture (intentionally or not). Most importantly, keep delivering the high quality magazine you’ve given us so far 🙂

    • Rosie

      Thanks so much, this means a lot to us. We will continue to make innovative content, and we hope you will continue to enjoy it. Let us know what you think of the latest issue.

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